Battlefield 2




Battlefield Apocalypse - Mini-Mod v1.2

BF2_BFA_SP_v1_2.exe | 216.06 MB

Changes in version 1.2:
- custom SP maps removed and will be made available as map packs
- Improved vehicle AI including bot support for vehicle weapons and boat AI fixed.
- Inlcudes sp support Vile villa, Tug of War, railed, Helltown, Three Mile Island
- Three mile Island stopped 32 player single player mode from showing since only 16 player level is supported.
- Integrated vehicle & weapon changes in latest BFA patch




Battlefield Apocalypse - Mini-Mod v1.2 SP Custom Map Pack #1

BFA_SP_mappack_1.exe | 140.05 MB

Für die Nutzung in der BF:A-SP-Mod umgebaute Custom Maps von ImtheHeadHunter, SpFreak, Jones und Mr. Burns, umgebaut durch Dnamro.:

- BattleAxe
- Hangar(Erste)
- Goods Station
- Oil Platform,
- Bocage Dogfight
- Stream
- Solomon Showdown
- Snowy park summer

Credits for SP maps (Ai support for a lot of maps by Winterhill, converted to BFA by Dnamro):
ImtheHeadHunter: BattleAxe, Solomon Showdown, Snowy park summer, Mauraders at Midnight
SPFreak: Hanger(Erste), Goods Station, Oil Platform, Course of the River, boat wars
Bocage Dogfight by Mr. Burns




Battlefield: Apocalypse Mini Mod

bfa_skellymod.rar | 32.49 MB

Skeleton soldiers and a blood patch mini mod. Multi-player and single player capable. Plays all the original BF2 maps.

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