Battlefield 2142




Zombie mod 2143 (.5)

zombiemod0.5.exe | 47.91 MB

Zombie mod 2143 is a mod inspired by the deathbybinary BF2 zombie mod. The year is 2143. PAC leaders have reached th conclusion that the EU would wipe them out if something wasn't done, and fast. So, as a last ditch effort, they created a injection for their soldiers to make them more powerful. It didn't. The battlefield was soon filled with soldiers hungry for flesh and blood. The PAC leaders where not ready for this, and were overpowered by the soldiers who had been infected. The EU and many civilians have called this a plague or a infection. Now its up to all the EU soldiers to defend themselves and civilians from this new and deadly threat. Enter 2143. The fate of the world is on the shoulders of you and your fellow men... Now is your time to fight!




Zombiemod - Z1.7b Hotfix | 39.7 KB

Kleiner Hotfix für die Zombiemod 1.7, der kleine Fehler behebt.




Battlefield 2142 Zombie mod 2143 0.5

zombiemod0.5.1.exe | 47.91 MB

The Year is 2143, and city after city are falling victim to the plague. The EU has dispatched all of their forces to counter the treat, but most of the defended cities have already fallen.

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