Battlefield 3




BF3 Player Statistics

BF3 Player Statistics - TDE.rar | 362.62 KB

More programs to come!




Smooth Battlefield 3 by StyLeR, Artis Sniping | 842 B

You must extract "user.cfg" to the directory that contains BF3.exe, which is usually:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3

or possibly:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 3

(c) StyLeR ; Artis Sniping | PC




Battlefield 3 Command Center (BF3CC)

setup.exe | 418.5 KB


WICHTIG! Für die Nutzung des Tools werden Windows und .Net Framework 4 benötigt.


- Player control (kick/ban/kill/swap teams and squads)
- Server configuration (temporary read below!)
- Maplist control, set maplist, set next map, restart round, jump to next map/round)
- Manage banlist (manually edit bans, load banlist from server
- VIP users (aka Reserved Slots) This feature is implemented but broke in R5. It is currently NOT working

Features coming soon
- Autoadmin, admin your server even when you're not around. With auto messages, auto kicks and bans, ingame admin for your friends, minigames and much much more!
- Ingame commands, this is high on the todo list and will be available as soon as possible.
- Daemon support, We understand you don't want to leave your pc on 24/7 to run autoadmin and make ingame commands work, that's why we've prioritized releasing a Daemon that will run the admin tool 24/7.
- Config export to easily set the startup.txt of your server.
- Plugin Support
- Much more. Keep an eye on for updates!

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