Borderlands 2




Borderlands 2 4-Player Difficulty Slider | 14.92 KB

This tool was created using NOPeR's research with Cheat Engine. It uses a simple memory hack to change the number of players Borderlands sees.

Installation instructions:

- Run Borderlands or Borderlands 2, and select your character.
- Alt-tab out of Borderlands, run the 4-player difficulty tool downloaded here as an administrator
- Click "Scan"
- Once the # players memory location has been found, you'll be able to move the slider to the desired difficulty.
- alt-tab back into Borderlands/Borderlands 2. The change in difficulty may not be immediate, but you should see it as new enemies start spawning. To check for sure if it's working, go fight crawmerax. He should have much more health than usual, and should drop 2-3 times as much loot as usual.

Created by jaredhite1




Borderlands 2 Save Editor Rev. 125

BL2_Save_Editor_R125.rar | 814.84 KB

All credits goes to Gibbed.

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