Cities in Motion




Cities in Motion - U.S. Cities Announcement Trailer

CitiesinMotion_US_trailer_v2.avi | 58.76 MB

In Cities in Motion: US Cities, an expansion pack coming out the 17th of January, two iconic American locations will join the mix, allowing players to challenge their civic planning skills in both San Francisco and New York. Both cities will be available to play in campaign and sandbox mode, and will include new vehicles, new transportation types, and plenty of new American buildings, landmarks, and commuters.




Cities in Motion: London - Announcement Trailer

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From navigating the narrow, meandering streets with the famed red buses to crossing the banks of the mighty Thames, Cities in Motion: London provides a new set of challenges and obstacles for the savvy urban planner to overcome.




Cities in Motion - Paris Release Trailer

Cities_in_Motion_Paris_Release_Trailer.mp4 | 25.58 MB

Create waterbus routes on the picturesque River Seine, use the narrow streets to offer versatile routes for buses and trams and plan your schedules on the world renowned underground Metro system.

With its iconic landmarks, old European architecture and bustling population of over 12 million people, can you deliver the vast and efficient transportation network capable of serving one of Europe\'s largest urban environments?




Cities in Motion - German Cities Release Trailer

Cities in Motion German Cities Release Trailer.mp4 | 20.43 MB

German Cities brings you back to the early days of transportation history. Engage in the campaign with four different scenario set in ten decades starting from the1920's. Manage Cologne and Leipzig through hard times and better days in six challenging scenarios.




Cities in Motion - Tokyo Release Trailer

Cities_in_Motion_Tokyo_Release_Trailer.mp4 | 19.18 MB

Welcome to Tokyo, Japan's largest and capital city. The citizens of this sprawling metropolis await your transit guidance and expertise. You must build a reliable and efficient transit system while playing through an all new campaign with four different scenarios. Start in the 1970's and experience four decades of all new vehicles and challenges. Or make the city your playground in the included sandbox mode. With 7 new vehicles and the new Monorail vehicle type you are sure to transport the masses.

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