Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear




Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear v1.36 Patch | 1.23 GB

This update brings Awakening the Bear owners up to the same level as Storms of Steel in terms of bug fixes and improvements, but does not include all the new features, units and scenarios from Ghost Divisions and Storms of Steel. It also features many other improvements: an audio notification when a player posts a new chat message in lobby, easier tutorial scenarios, terrain sculpting in the editor, improved handling of group and loaded unit effects and more.




Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! v1.18 Patch | 1.11 GB

The goal of this and recent updates has been to fully implement the Classic board game AP activation system, as well as adding a host of other features and improvements, including super high resolution 2D maps and counters. This update includes fixes for units low on APs not being able to fire during a group fire, as well as a fix for spent units attached to groups during a Command or CAPs action incorrectly becoming unspent. Additional tweaks include the pass action now finishing the activation of currently selected units in Classic AP mode.




Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! v1.14 Patch | 1.09 GB

The v1.14 update is incredibly massive, chock full of improvements and fixes to make Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! a hard-hitting wargame. Great care was taken to listen to both the computer and board game communities, and a lot of the features requested made it into the update. Getting the update will give players the option of playing with the fully-implemented Classic AP system that matches the board game AP system, as well as wonderfully-detailed 2D board game-style maps in very high resolution to complete the experience! Unit counters also received a resolution upgrade, becoming even more visible and showing dynamic stats through each match!




Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! v1.5 Patch | 50.96 MB

Players can look forward to the addition of terrain sculpting controls to the editor to allow them to make more varied and diverse maps on their own. They also added in a new option to show elevations in a more high-contrast style which is closer to the original board game maps while also making the elevations easier to see for players who use the top-down view.

This update includes many other improvements, including fixes for all the reported bugs since release, as well as audio notification for multiplayer chat messages, a new preference to always display units above the terrain, unit tooltip information for carried units, additional damage types (including Berserk) and full implementation of the extra 1d6 APs card for groups.




Conflict of Heroes v1.20 Patch | 50.58 MB

The support for PS2.0 shaders will allow for a wider range of laptops to get increased performance and playability for Conflict of Heroes.




Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! v1.3 Patch | 1.23 GB

v1.30 – June 13th, 2013
• Features
o Fixed button problem on victory screen for smaller width monitors
o Possible fix for bug randomizing quality of units carrying over between firefights of a campaign
o Fixes a few minor things pertinent to the Ghost Divisions.
o Campaigns and multiplayer reworked and updated.
o Campaigns can now be played multiplayer
o Russian Sniper unit added
o Numerous bug fixes including a significant improvement to memory management that should reduce out of memory crashes
o Added message upon completing a firefight in a campaign providing instructions on playing the next FF.
o Improved some memory usage and garbage collection methods.
o AI Placement data for all GD scenarios.
o Added multiplayer versions of the GD firefights. These are available from the lobby menu.

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