Corpse Party




Corpse Party - Halloween Trailer

Corpse_Party_Trailer_Halloween.mp4 | 23.06 MB

At its core an adventure game, Corpse Party tells the tale of a group of high school students who end up inadvertently trapped in a haunted elementary school where a series of gruesome murders took place countless years prior. Through the creative use of 2D sprite art coupled with hand-drawn images, Corpse Party uses extremely descriptive text and a 3D audio space to immerse players in a truly intense and chilling atmosphere unlike any other.




Corpse Party - Announcement Trailer

CorpseParty_Trailer.mp4 | 20.51 MB

A cult favorite in its native Japan when it was released, Corpse Party promises to deliver a tense and bone-chilling experience for all who dare step foot into situations they may not be prepared to survive.




Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - Trailer #2 | 39.59 MB

A horrifying blend of adventure gameplay and visual-novel style presentation, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows tells a series of short stories that help develop many of the characters introduced in the first game and even explores some hypothetical scenarios, answering those “What if they survived?” questions.

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