Deus EX




Deus Ex Mod - 2027 v1.2

2027_1.2.exe | 290.17 MB

Mod Features:

- New stunning DirectX 9 based graphics.
- The story is flexible, nonlinear, and allows much wider exploration than before. The final outcone depends entirely on you and your actions. The solutions to any challenge depend only on your imagination.
- Lots of new weapons and equipment. You will be able to purchase weapons in shops, unlike in the original game. You will be able to improve your weaponry in different ways.
- New skills, perks and augmentations have been added.
- A player will be able to use portable spider bots, which he can control and use for exploring a territory and attack. It is also possible to repair and recharge these bots.
- Weather effects, ranging from a light drizzle to thunderstorms and snowfall.
- Almost all the locations are based on real photos and maps, and the levels in 2027 will be wider than in the original game.
- Many cutscenes and intros give a real atmosphere to the rich storyline.
- New high quality fonts with anti-aliasing.
- A lot of bugs from the original game have been fixed.

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