Dragon Age 2




4Aces DA2: Re-Imagined - Male Armor

4Aces_DA2_Armor_Beta_1.7z | 125.07 MB

This is the Beta release of all Human Male Armor (includes clothing). These textures are generally the same size as the official Bioware High Resolution pack, as many are not considered HiRes by industry standards. In cases where they were full HiRes, they are reduced in this Beta to normalize all the sizes to be the same (so one suit of armor is not 4X the file size of the rest). When this passes Beta, then the HiRes version will be released as well. See the readme for details.




4Aces DA2: Re-Imagined - Landscape Re-Tex V 1.0

4Aces_DA2_Landscape_and_GUI_V1.7z | 700.5 MB

This is no longer in Beta. This Re-Textures all the landscape (both inside and outside of town). It also upgrades the GUI to make it a little sharper and improves the main loading screen. Fixed: The Black Border on the Red tile in Kirkwall so it is not deep. Replaced the main rock in the Bligh Lands since it did not wrap properly. Made the floorboards less bright, as well as the Blue rock in the Mountains.

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