Euro Truck Simulator 2




Euro Truck Simulator 2 v 1.10.1 Patch

EuroTruckSimulator2_1_10_1_patch.exe | 675.79 MB

Patch Changes

- Support for metallic paintjobs.
- Fixed possible rare hang or crash.
- Physics parameters of the fifth wheel are configurable in physics.sii

- Updated accessories to support paintjobs
- Corrected speed limits in Austria, Belgium and Germany
- Tweaked prices and unlock levels of some accessories
- Fixed acceleration of traffic
- Tweaked accessories of traffic trucks (badges, mirrors and sunshields)
- Fixed various bugs in truck and trailer models




Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.9.22 Patch | 663.43 MB

- Brand new traffic AI system;
- Oculus Rift support (with the -oculus launch option - this will be improved in the future), now also in the retail version;
- Early support for gamepad-controlled mouse cursor;
- Improved handling of automatic gearbox (more gears, interaction with cruise control);
- Improved compatibility with semi-broken prefabs used in mods;
- Improved error handling in radio playback;
- Updated defaults for the Xbox 360 controller in the input wizard to provide a better initial experience.

- Scania Streamline improvements (model, textures, paint jobs, new parts and accessories) - you may need visit truck dealer and re-purchase some parts;
- Volvo FH16 improvements (interior, wipers, shadows);
- Iveco Hi-way improvements (dashboard computer, shadows);
- Paintjobs are properly applied on add-ons in interior views;
- Map improvements.

- V8 engine sounds for Scania R and Scania Streamline.




Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.3.0 Patch | 178.28 MB

What's new in this update:

official licenses from Iveco and Volvo
ability to change the company name, logo or preferred brand
retarder (automatic or manual)
per-profile mod selection (can be overridden using -force_mods command line parameter)
support local currencies of each country in the game
gearbox accessory selection
new online radio stations (now up to 190 stations)
physics takes into account different weights for trailers and cargos
Renault Premium upgrades
Renault Magnum side-skirts are now an optional upgrade
hired driver log
hired drivers more likely to find suitable cargo on the way back
re-hired driver issue fixed
ferry fee is not charged to player for quick jobs
UK distances in GPS fixed
fixed memory leak when playing mp3 files using radio
improved handling of corrupted save files
improved resiliency to some types of corruptions caused by mod removal
fixed cabin blur during rain
over 200 map changes and fixes
several German roads thoroughly tweaked and prettyfied
bump causing damage on German A3 fixed
powerline columns in the middle of the road removed
gas station in Bremen
AI curves fixing on some prefabs
increased vertex buffer sizes to improve game stability with more detailed vehicle models
Product Key verification step added, only genuine keys in good standing accepted as of version 1.3+




Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.60 Patch | 461.69 MB


- Photo Studio - includes Photo-mode and Screenshot Manager allowing upload of your best screenshots to World of Trucks
- Online profiles - ability to connect your profile to your World of Trucks account
- New Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sounds recorded from actual truck
- Individual air-horn sounds
- Realistic fuel consumption option
- Adaptive automatic transmission option
- Shorter jobs generation probability increased
- License plate changes fixed

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