Fallout New Vegas




Fallout: New Vegas Mod - A Requiem for the Capital Wasteland v.9b

Requiem_For_The_Capital_Wasteland_v9b.zip | 20.54 MB

Basically this adds a sewer grate that teleports you in between Vegas and DC. But the real marvel of the mod is that you can play Fallout 3 quests, as if it was the real game. Mods do work for both FO3 and FNV, so no problems there. The FO3 mainquest is a bit buggy but we're ironing those out.




Fallout: New Vegas Mod - Project Nevada v2.5

Project_Nevada_2_5.7z | 106.95 MB

Created by the team responsible for the Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition (FWE), they're leaving the barren DC wasteland behind and move on west to new, exciting regions.

This mod requires the Fallout: New Vegas Script Extender, and the Fallout Mod Manager is highly recommended.




Fallout: New Vegas Mod - Digital Nightmare v1.0

Digital_Nightmare.rar | 704.29 MB

The pack consists of creepy ambient soundscapes for exploration, dark tribal rhythms for public areas and heavy industrial tracks for battles and high threat encounters All the tracks have been recorded by myself specially for this personal project.




Fallout: New Vegas Mod - Fallout Who Vegas v1.0 Complete Edition

Fallout_Who_Vegas-50132-1-0.rar | 36.51 MB

Fallout Who Vegas brings the TARDIS to the Mojave Wasteland, and not just as a portable home... traverse the Desert in style, with 100 landing locations to visit, a plethora of controls to manipulate, a menagerie of systems to customise and a labyrinth of wonderful rooms to explore. Set to the backdrop of a mysterious quest thrusting you into the Courier's near future, questions must be answered and mysteries must be solved...




Fallout: New Vegas Mod - Fallout: Project Brazil v1.0.0b

Fallout_Project_Brazil_BETA_1.7z | 1.17 GB

Along the way you'll discover a pitched battle between the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic, and The Super Mutants, which shapes the politics and events leading to the NCR's invasion of the Mojave. The story takes place in 2260 - many years before the "Courier" awakes in New Vegas, while the Enclave struggles to rise again on the West Coast.




Desperado Suite

VAVSuite.7z | 3.52 MB

Ever wanted a set of deluxe accommodations that sucks less than the Lucky 38 Suite? Well here it is partner!

Save the town of Primm from raiders, and the grateful townsfolk will restore the High-Roller "Desperado" suite at the Vikki & Vance Hotel and Casino, to serve as your personal residence and headquarters.

Decked out in true rustic "Desperado" style, this penthouse suite is well appointed and feature-rich, without being immersion-breaking.


* Master and Guest Rooms
* Bar area with working microbrewery
* Working Gas fireplace
* Weapon and Ammo sorting system
* Companion Emergency Radio
* Companion "Fire" Terminal
* 1000 Gallon wrap-around aquarium
* Full kitchen - cook and refill bottles from the sink
* Dynamic trophies and armor display mannequins
* Upgrade: Household Robot
* Upgrade: Lab Area with cultivated plants
* Upgrade: Armory and Workshop

But wait there's more! Thirsty and hungry from long hours trekking through the burning hot Mojave? Order room service. The Vikki & Vance bartender will be along presently to satisfy your hunger, or wet your whistle.

Are you more the brainy type of bandit? Well never fear! Your fully upgraded lab area comes with "My First Infirmary", "My First Chemistry Set", and other implements of... SCIENCE!

The workshop area comes with a metal-working station, workbench, reloading bench, and armory lockers, as well as display shelves for your high-tech treasures.

On the subject of treasure, an entire trophy room awaits you, with optional display mannequins (With Robot upgrade) and dynamic trophies that appear as you play, to reflect the tale of your courier's travels.

And of course, in your travels you're like to make some road friends. Maybe you want them to come stay a spell at the Desperado Suite, rather than the Lucky 38? No problem. Vanilla companions (Plus Sunny Smiles) will have dialog options to send them back to the Desperado Suite. Companions have idles and packages for natural at-home behavior. But watch that Cass, she's a drinker, and may pass out on your floor.

There is more, but I don't want to give away too much, so you'll just have to see it. There are a lot of little personal touches, too many to detail. The mod is lore-friendly, companion-friendly, and should be a good citizen in your load order.





CenBlas - Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road Mod

CenBlas- FNV- Lonesome Road.rar | 52.23 KB

Removes verbal blasphemy from the dialogue. Extract into the game's folder.




CenBlas - Fallout New Vegas Mod

CenBlas- FNV.rar | 9.78 MB

Removes verbal blasphemy from the dialogue. Extract into the game's folder.




CenBlas - Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues Mod

CenBlas- FNV- Old World Blues.rar | 696.92 KB

Removes verbal blasphemy from the dialogue. Extract into the game's folder.




CenBlas - Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts Mod

CenBlas- FNV- Honest Hearts.rar | 349.06 KB

Removes verbal blasphemy from the dialogue. Extract into the game's folder.




CenBlas - Fallout New Vegas: Dead Money Mod

CenBlas- FNV- Dead Money.rar | 374.37 KB

Removes verbal blasphemy from the dialogue. Extract into the game's folder.

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