Far Cry 3




Far Cry 3 v1.05 Patch

farcry3_1.05.zip | 259.8 MB

New features

Added ability for Map creators to start Beta Tests, which other players can join through a new playlist.
When hosting a Beta test, map creators can use the new spectate feature to monitor gameplay.
Added new feedback tags and improvements to the user made map rating menu.
Added option to show other maps by the same author in Map Archive.
Added option to suicide in PvP matches.
Added Team Chat option to in-game text chat.


Fixed several crashes.
Improvements to host migration.
Improvements to prevent players from picking up weapons instead of reviving team mates.
Players will no longer be kicked for being idle in custom matches.
Improvements to team balancing when parties are involved.
Improvements to matchmaking for parties.
Fixed issue where team mates would show as normal players on the mini-map when not clinging on to life.
Fixed issue where game settings option would not be visible for new hosts in custom match.
Fixed issues where players was not able to join parties.
Fixed issues where players could get stuck when using Booster Shots in Co-op.
Fixed issue where fire was not shown correctly in Firestorm.
Fixed issue where Kill Cam was not shown in certain circumstances.
Improvements to Skip Map functionality when playing on user made maps.
Skipped maps will no longer show up in map rotation when playing on Bronze, Silver or Gold playlists.

Single Player
New features

Outpost Reset: After conquering all outposts and completing/acquiring the end game achievement/state, the player can reset the outposts in the gameplay options menu.
New difficulty level: a fourth difficulty option called “Master” with adjustment to player health values and AI behavior to make it more difficult than the current difficulty levels.


Fixed an issue with the weapons not working properly if a challenge was finished exactly during the weapons switching.
Fixed the NPC’s ignoring the player in some cases after dying and restarting a social challenge.
Fixed a hole in the map behind a waterfall that would cause the users to go under the map.
Fixed an issue with one of the captains from a Wanted dead quest that did not spawn sometimes.
Fixed the mission objective not updating sometimes when Buck model was seen floating.




Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon v1.02 Patch

fc3_blood_dragon_update_1.02_ww.zip | 247.21 MB

- introduces a garrison Reset option
- Once players have conquered every garrison in their first run, they can reset them, and face the challenge all over again.




Far Cry 3 v1.02 Patch

farcry3_1.02.zip | 255.34 MB

Patch Changes

- Fixed some issues with user created maps when more than 8 players were playing them.
- Improved matchmaking for both Multiplayer and Co-op modes.
- Improved team balancing when playing in party.
- Fixed issues with Live balancing patch system.

Map Editor:
- Fix for the Map Editor crash at launch when the PC user contains language-specific characters.

Single Player:

- Fixed issue where players fall through the world when not connected to the Ubisoft servers.
- Fixed the "View Leaderboard" and "Start Trial" buttons in the World Map.
- Improved stability when quitting to desktop.
- Fixed issue with leaderboards.




Far Cry 3 v1.01 Patch

farcry3_1.01.zip | 256.92 MB


Improved overall Multiplayer stability and performance.
Added SHOW TOP, SHOW YOU, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN options in Leaderboards.
Fix the voice chat issue that would mute players by default.
Lobby chat can now be accessed when a controller is connected.

Fixed graphical issues on loading screen hints.
Fixed the issue that would prevent maps from being displayed or randomized the first time a user enters Public Co-op.
Health regeneration option no longer has inverted functionality.
"Flare gun" kills are no longer considered as Assist kills.

Fixed ground texture resolution.
Grass surrounding fire spawns no longer remain red on Firestorm maps.

Map Editor
Improved white objects thumbnails legibility.
Users can now start a private match in 1 player on user created maps.

Single Player

Improved game stability and performance.
Fixed issues with flickering on specific water textures.
Fixed small UI glitches related to different display resolutions.
“Weapon cache” mission: Mission Zone and Mission Marker no longer stays on mini-map and on screen after mission completion.
Crafting items are now auto selected when entering a new crafting category.
Added sound when zooming in and out the camera with the mouse scroll button.




Far Cry 3 v1.04 Patch

farcry3_1.04.zip | 259.78 MB

Patch Changes

Multiplayer & Co-op:

- Fixed bug where players could become invisible
- Fixed bug where weapons could disappear after completing objectives in Co-op
- Improved and fixed several issues with host migration
- Fixed bug that could display a profile restriction message when trying to join a lobby
- Fixed bug where users could get stuck in 3rd person view within Custom games
- Fixed bug where clients could remain on black screen if host left the game
- Fixed bug where Psych gas could get dropped in the wrong place
- Fixed bug where Psych gas could affect players outside of the deployment area
- Fixed bug where users could get stuck when killed by poison gas

Map Editor:

- Added information for Player Map playlists
- Fixed bug where User-made maps would not download properly in lobbies
- Fixed bug that made the user get stuck when igniting Firestorm nodes on certain maps

Single Player:

- Fixed issue when accessing the camera and when throwing rocks
- Fixed issue with accessing weapons. The user weapon inventory will be restored as soon as entering inside a safe house or when fast travelling
- Users that have missed the Relic located in Dr. Earnhardt cave will have the relic recover.
- Fixed the bug with the weapon models staying on screen
- The objective is now properly updated during “Kicking The Hornet’s Nest” mission
- New options to hide the HUD are now available in the option menu
- Fixed the issue when the user became invincible after failing the “Black Gold” mission numerous times
- Fixed game crashes that occurred when the user reconnects to Ubisoft servers using an account that has unlocked any MP item
- Fixed the issue where Sam was no longer in the jeep's turret, after placing two bombs and being killed several times in the “Black Gold”' mission




Far Cry 3 v1.03 Patch

farcry3_1.03.zip | 255.34 MB

General fixes for the patch:

Added Russian and Czech language support for Steam versions.
Fixed issues for machines that have more than 32 cores.
Fixed issues for activation keys bundled with ULC privileges. ULC content will now unlock during activation.
Improvements to playlists and rotation for User Made maps.

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