Freelancer Save

Save6bbb.fl | 161.9 KB

A save game file for Freelancer. See details of the file below.




Cargoman V5 (6M All Friendly Freelancer save game) | 459.25 KB


For Single Player in the game Freelancer from Microsoft Studios

This savegame (and readme) is recommended for experienced players (ie those who have completed the campaign) only.

Simple Instructions: Copy the file of the desired version to \"My Documents\\My Games\\Freelancer\\Accts\\SinglePlayer\"

Compatible with Discover Freelancer 4.86

-Even more bases explored

-7 million credits

-More of the Maps explored

-4 million credits

V3 Features

This is the real starter kit for single players, where the green-with-everyone status allows you to choose your own destiny. Although the Dromedary, a freighter, is supplied, but you have enough credits to buy the best ships and outfit them with the best weapons. The near-fully explored map means that you will have access to a lot of trade routes, and you will be able to visit nearly all systems and planets.

1. All-Green status with every single faction, means you can trade anywhere, and side with any faction. This also means that if you choose to be a legal trader, and suddenly someone disrupts your trade lane, they will not demand your cargo.

2. 2 million credits for you to buy any ship and any equipment available in the vanilla installation

V2 Features

1. Added Cash (2 Million to start with)
2. Changed the default LVl4 shield of the Dromedary to a Rheinland Lvl6 Shield

V1 Features

Cargoman, a Freelancer starter kit that has a near-fully explored map, white-or-above relations with over 75% of the factions (over 20 greens), the Dromedary freighter (the only ship in the unmodified Freelancer that can store 275 items), and over 1 million credits to get you started. Long as you don\'t shoot anyone, steer clear of trade lanes if you\'re carrying cargo, and don\'t go to any nomad or outcast borderworlds, then you\'ll be just fine.

Of course, if you want to try your hand at something else, the cash included is enough to buy any ship/equipment and bribe any faction in the game, so if you want to go green with anyone, you can.




Cargoman (Freelancer save game) | 361.04 KB

For offline single player: Starts at Manhattan, the starting planet in campaign mode so that the player is familiar with immediate environment. Ship is unarmed dromedary. 4 Million credits-enough to buy any ship and outfit it to fullest extent. Green relations with all factions (nobody will pirate you and you can choose your own starting if for some reason do not want to be a trader). Near fully explored map - contains all the most profitable trade routes and the jump holes to get there. Should work with discovery and all other mods that retain the game\'s original content.

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