Ghost Recon Future Soldier




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.1 Patch | 378.15 MB

Main changes:

· Improved stability in online multiplayer matches;
· Improved voice chat quality for PCs running Windows Vista;
· Improved navigation through game’s menus.

The PC day-one update also includes the improvements from the latest title update for the console version:

· Introduced 6-man party system in the multiplayer game mode;
· Balanced several weapons (assault rifles, SMSGs, handguns, shotguns);
· Balanced equipment (grenades, flash bang, EMP, stun guns, number of drones in match);
· Adjusted aim sensitivity and quick scope;
· Fixed map exploits;
· Adjusted melee;
· Adjusted XP values;
· Several technical / network improvements.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.7 to v1.8 Patch | 57.06 MB

Change log
Support for Windows XP.
Support for DirectX 9 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (DirectX11 is recommended).
Improved performance of Volumetric Lighting and Global Illumination.
New graphical option to enable real-time rendering of all reflective surfaces (eg. windows).
Improved framerate performance for ATI users.
Support for Uplay friends’ list with more than 100 contacts.
Fixed Gunsmith issues for Windows user names with special characters (é, à, ç, etc.).
Improved textures on “Market Night” map.
Known issues and workarounds
Highest quality of 'Global Illumination' option is meant to be used with high-end (Radeon HD7900 or GeForce GTX680 and higher) and future hardware. Setting Global Illumination to medium is recommended if you are experiencing low frame rate.
The new 'Reflections' option is designed for high-end configurations only. Please disable this option if you are experiencing low frame rate.
AMD dual-core processor with Windows XP (for users who have not installed SP3): you may experience a fast flickering of the in-game menu items. To work around this problem, install the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer available on the AMD website.
AMD or nVidia Dual-GPU / Crossfire / SLI cards: in order to avoid graphical issues, you will have to manually disable the multi-GPU modes of your video drivers prior to running the game under the DX9 environment.
In some isolated cases activating the Crossfire multi-GPU technology on a mobile Radeon HD6990M from Alienware results in a performance drop compared to a single GPU of the same setup.
Notes regarding Windows XP support
Due to limitations of the engine and multithreading management in Windows XP, the performance with Windows XP may be lower than the performance obtained with the same hardware configuration using a more recent version of Windows. Please use a more recent version of Windows for a better experience.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.6 to v1.7 Patch | 23.5 MB

List of changes

1. Fix for "Host is using different content" error during joining the session.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.6 Patch | 365.84 MB

Main changes:

- Free exclusive content:
o a special hardcore mode for the campaign;
o night variants of two adversarial maps;
- Performance and compatibility improved;
- Online stability improved;
- A fix for many issues reported by the community;
- Integration of all Consoles’ Title Updates;
- Respec token requirement removed.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.4 to v1.5 Patch | 53 MB

changes in version 1.5:

- Graphics improved;
- Compatibility with upcoming DLCs;
- Compatibility with the Ghost Recon Network Competition System;
- Skorpion SMG, GSh-18, Saiga-12 and KARD weapons are now unlockable;
- Friends list issues fixed.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.2 to v1.3 Patch (CD/DVD) | 26.34 MB


-Mouse + WASD not working on some configurations;
-Mouse + Xbox 360 Controller (no need to unplug the pad, everything will work simultaneously): when you connect/disconnect pad on-the-fly the key icons will change during the next pop up// the game still will display pad icons if the pad is connected.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.1 to v1.2 Patch | 26.24 MB

Patch notes coming soon.




Ghost Recon: Future Soldier v1.3 to v1.4 Patch

GRFS_1.4.exe | 68.83 MB

Patch Changes:

Taking your feedback into account, we have improved Compatibility, Performance, Stability, Graphics and more.
Global improvements in FPS for all configurations.
Fixes several stability issues that occurred during map loading.
God-Rays will no longer disappear.
Fixed several localization issues.
Fixed several issues that caused the display of Xbox 360 icons after a controller was disconnected.

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