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Hailan Rising v1.12.4 Open Beta Client

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Developed in Unity 3D and leveraging the Mixamo.com animation system, Hailan Rising has none of the barriers typically found in traditional MMORPG’s, such as gear grinding, character leveling or class restrictions. Thanks to the game's unique Etherea System players can learn any ability from the Physical, Magical, or Utility skill trees through the use of Etherea Shards, offering literally millions of possible character archetypes. Paired with no gear or weapon restrictions, players can accentuate their new character with items specifically suited to their build, creating a truly unique gaming experience. This design allows the player to get into the PvP action and playing with their friends immediately instead of forcing a weeks-long grind session.

Players can choose between two factions, Humans and Orcs, as they battle to secure territory in order to survive. Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Hailan, players find themselves in the role of survivors of a global flooding that has remade the world anew. With the flood waters receding, both the Orcs and Humans scramble to capture and defend new lands from surviving indigenous life and each other. When not fighting for contested territories, players can venture into the realms’ free zones, battling creatures and searching for powerful Etherea Shards that can make the difference between success and failure.

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