Half Life 2





FoF_Client_35_Full.exe | 597.2 MB

Summary - Not 'beta' anymore due completion status reached - New fully dual wield gun system. Combine any pair of handguns, up to 36 different combos! - New hand guns added: Colt Walker, Smith&Wesson Model 3 'Schofield' and Sawed off Winchester rifle 'Mare's Leg' - New hybrid game mode: FPS + NPC management on 3 different scenarios: team vs, co-op and survival - New map: Railhouse by Yester, final design/polish by R_Yell - Classic Few Dollars More returns with some changes. Way more balanced and thrilling than before. - Large performance gains due better player/NPC model LOD optimization and texture usage - Level enhacements: gameplay, performance and navigation optimizations in El Paso, Presidio, Desperados, Peligro and Robert Lee - AI redone: less robotic, more challenging and fun, better automatic skill control, important glitches fixed like quick shooting or ghost hits, improved performance - Enemy Awareness: know who are your deadliest opponents during the game. Includes an innovative player highlight system and freeze camera. - New FX's: gun smoke trails and DoF like post-process shader - Improved free aim revolver - Many bugs/glitches/exploits fixed Credits - Playtesting, feedback, ideas: Lorderex, Suntio, Smiechu, Yester, Wickit, Fl4x0n, Petzi, Dave, I am Wiesel, IceCube, Dr Snowie, mook, bugme, Poseidon, AWhDRi, CoHach, MangoJuice, LRyder2k6, Bublgum, treeturtle - Psychonic: linux build, help and support - Yester: Railhouse level and french translation - Angel Eyes: new weapon sounds and some player/level fx's. External sound pack for FoF: Detpak.tripod.com - J.Dulary: new snake and horse animations (including new rig) - Rasmus: Schofield model/texture - Tigger: Mare's Leg model - Millenia3d: Mare's Leg texture - Martidore: Walker model - Henri: Colt Walker texture - Flakk: Walker/Schofield animations - DJScias: game server hosting, management - Dave: website hosting

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