Half Life 2




No More Room in Hell v1.06

NMRiH_Beta_1.06_Full.zip | 1.24 GB

Here is Beta 1.06 featuring two new weapons, a new blood tech, and saying goodbye to a lot of old Half-Life 2 content!




Half-Life 2 Mod - No More Room in Hell v1.03

NMRiH_Beta_1.03_Full.zip | 1.14 GB

1.03 Changelog


- Added Survival Gamemode
- Added "nms_flooded" map by Vincent
- Added Woodman's Hatchet melee weapon
- Added Mossberg 500A shotgun
- Added Helicopter supply crate
- Added Player and Zone supply items
- Added "Jive" as a playable character
- Added Two additional zombie models
- Added Maglite "dual wield" support for the crowbar, hatchet, lead pipe and machete
- Added Tactical reloads and ghost loading
- Added Two commands, 'refresh_postprocess' and 'refresh_screenspace' that can be used to fix the screen going black
- Added Video on game launch.


- Rebalanced melee weapons based on player feedback
- Changed zombie health and damages
- Improved zombie AI and behavior
- Fixed missing sounds for some weapons
- Fixed some crashes during map changes
- Enabled local pathing for zombie npcs
- Updated numerous particle effects
- Re-recorded all player voice commands
- Increase infection length to 90 seconds and play infection sound at last 45 seconds of infection
- Increased Phalanx pills cure time to 3 minutes
- Removed chainsaw from random melee weapon spawning entities
- Player pain sounds are no longer distance-variant
- Certain console commands now require sv_cheats
- Shove damage is now factored into sv_friendly_fire_factor




Half-Life 2 Mod - No More Room in Hell v1.04

NMRiH_Beta_1.04_Full.zip | 1.22 GB

1.04 Changelog


- Disabled collision of safe zone supplies with players / npcs
- Adjusted zombie damage, now (one hand / two hand) shambler: 15/30, runner: 20/40, kid: 8/16
- Fixed negative zombie counts on hud
- Disabled listen server autostart to try to cut down on number of invalid token errors
- Fixed memory corruption bugs in Survival Mode
- Fixed supply wave crash bug on Linux servers
- Changed zones to no longer lose health if there are no survivors present in them
- Fixed a rare issue where there was a chance for entities/lighting in any nms_ map to disappear if the previously played map was an objective level
- Changed drain rates to the following: Drain per zombie per sec: 0.5 -> 0.15, Max drain per sec: 5 -> 2, Drain per sec while empty: 0.25 -> 0.2, Player drain counter per sec: 1.5 -> 1.75
- Optimized npc networking for better performance in open areas & with large amount of npcs
- Added \'Winning Condition\' option into Survival Mode: players now win after reaching the ending wave; mappers can run a custom win scenario using entity i/o
- Fixed orientation/model of \"nmrih_safezone_supply\" for Hammer
- Added slight push to barricades you out if you stand too close a barricading point while putting a board up; mappers should ensure the barricade point normals point away from walls as this is the direction players are pushed
- Fixed various client and server crashes
- Fixed Join game dialog; loading screens now properly update with the corresponding map in play
- Changed the National Guard so they will now only bring in supplies via flare gun if the preexisting supply crate has been completely used up.


- Added various static furniture props
- Added and optimized various particle effects
- Added new supply cache GUI
- Added missing camera movement to fireaxe
- Added recoil camera movement to MP5A3
- Updated SV10 reload animation
- Changed flashlight texture
- Added new \"Movie\" texture to nmo_broadway theater.


- Fixed script error that prevented wave complete sound to play
- Changed many of the weapon / footstep / item pickup / pain sounds so they are spacial, and reduced the attenuation of some



- Fixed supply drop being out of reach because of clipping
- Fixed clip preventing items to be picked up at some locations
- Clipped various \"godspots\"
- Added static ammo that goes with the gun at a few locations
- Added a bit more ammo around the buildings
- Added traps (gas tank/flamethrower that can set fire to zombies and humans)
- Added more light at point A to make players feel more safe inside the safezone
- Added one barricade position to every door frame
- Closed off some windows to help provide better performance inside the safe zone buildings and alter gameplay
- Removed zombie spawns around the house, zombies will only come from outside the map boundaries
- Added winning condition (Survive till wave 10 and a chopper appears)


- Removed some unnecessary zombie spawns
- Removed some unnecessary barricade boards and entities to save on ent data
- Added slight increase to overall lighting
- Clipped off several \"godspots\" (counters, dumpsters, etc.)
- Improved optimization in several areas
- Added func_clip_vphysics to prevent key objective items to be dropped in certain unreachable areas
- Added some shotgun ammo boxes in gun shop area
- Replaced all tables and file cabinets with new static prop versions


- Changed texture on movie theater screen


- Added nms_isolated (community map from lou_saffire)




Half-Life 2 Mod - No More Room in Hell v1.02 Client

NMRiH_Beta_1.02.zip | 1010.72 MB

The second patch for No More Room in Hell. Patch 1.02 brings numerous bug fixes and optimizations!




Half-Life 2 Mod - No More Room in Hell v1.05

NMRiH_Beta_1.05_Full.zip | 1.4 GB

Patch Changes:


- New HUD elements: weight based radial selection menu with ammo counts
- Ammo carrying capacity is now based on weight
- Removed ammo count from indicator
- Implemented audible ammo checks
- Removed voice command text from chat
- Implemented an optional subtitle system in place of the voice command text chat
- Backward movement speed reduced
- Added a 5% to 10% chance that damage to a zombie can stagger it back with sustained fire
- Melee weapons now have a chance to stagger zombies; bladed weapons have a 10% chance of knocking a zombie back with a quick attack (35% for a charged attack) while in comparison, blunt weapons have a 40% chance for quick attacks (and 80% for charged attacks)
- Melee weapon quick attacks now use up stamina; how much stamina used is based on the weapon itself (ex: sledgehammers use more strength, while a baseball bat doesn't)
- Shoving and melee attacks won't use stamina if they don't hit anything (zombies, the ground, etc.)
- Non-kid zombies now have a chance of falling over and reanimating instead of dying if not killed by a headshot
- Bullet penetration through zombies for high caliber rifles and pistols
- Various tweaks to preexisting stamina values
- Added skill shot with pistols - standing still in iron sights for a time will trigger the mode with visual overlay allowing for increased shot damage
- Player now has a chance to bleed out when taking damage, causing damage over time and increasing stamina jump cost
- Initial FMOD Implementation
- Set sv_master_legacy_mode to 0
- Delayed navmesh loading: Servers won't take as long to switch maps
- Optimized Maglite's dynamic lighting
- Fixed various minor bugs, both client and server related
- Added an "Advanced" button in the Multiplayer Options tab, allowing for easy toggling of preexisting commands (Toggable ironsights, etc.)
- Initial implementation of the following localization files: French, German, Portuguese, Russian
- Dead/late joining players can now respawn in the next wave in Survival Mode, regardless if the last 5 zombies in the previous wave were killed in time
- Respawning players in Survival Mode will come back in with 50% health
- Added holster command (in Keyboard Options)


- New main menu background and buttons
- Updated HUD radial selection menu design
- Added first aid kit (gives 20 HP) and bandages (stops bleeding)
- Added bleed out screen vignette
- Added M-10 submachine gun
- Added Winchester 1892 rifle
- Added various mall and biohazard props
- Fixed bounding boxes for certain zombie models
- Disabled splash screen video
- Fixed min/max errors with certain models


- New main menu music
- New infection audio
- New loading music
- Added audio files for ammo checking
- Added audio for bleeding and bandage use


- Added nms_northway by Sotapoika
- Added nms_favela by Juniez

- Tweaked some props' fade-distances in the dockside to make it run smoother
- Cleaned up navmesh
- Added extra playerclips
- Replaced some func_details with props
- Added medkits and bandages in the map
- Applied Nodraw to odd faces
- Other minor tweaks

- Modified layout to optimize some parts of the map
- Added bandages and first aid kits
Added Winning Scenario into the map (Survive at least 10 waves and a chopper will arrive)

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