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Homeworld 2 Mod - In the Orbit of God v1.0

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In fifty thousand years, humanity will fight its wars once more. It will travel among the stars once more. And it will rebuild itself once more.

But it is not the past or the future that is being focused on at this moment. It is the present. And here in the present, an almost forgotten chapter of human history is unfolding within the orbit of God.

In Eskel culture, God is not something supernatural. God, in fact, is clearly defined:
66% hydrogen, 24% helium, 8% methane, and, 2% other gasses.
Diameter: 192,628 kilometers.
Satellites: 108 (Excluding objects less than 1 kilometer in diameter).

God is the name for the gas giant of which four Eskel inhabited moons orbit. Esk, Bli, Nara, and Thtiu; each holds its own unique population. It didn’t take very long for these four different words to rediscover each others’ existence while recovering from the effects of the Galactic War. This sparked a premature space race - each world trying to desperately reach their distant neighbors. And eventually, they did. Peaceful contact was established between the four worlds.

However, regardless of the peaceful intentions each had in the beginning, humans are still going to be humans. After a hundred and some years, the four worlds’ nations had aligned themselves into three main factions: The Esk Coalition, the nation of Thiiei, and the Kraskae Treaty Alliance. Each of them were bunched up, cramped, longing for more space. After a couple of swift attacks, trade embargoes and large scale threats, a three-way war was spawned, bringing every man, every woman, and every hellish ancient weapon to bear against the enemy.

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