Homeworld 2




Homeworld 2 Mod - Stargate Space Conflict v1.3

sgmod1.3.rar | 87.35 MB

The main races up to date for the mod are : Earth, Goaul'd, Wraith, Asgard, Ancient and Replicator. There's currently no campaign but it's underway. You can play vs CPU or in multiplayer via Hamachi or Xfire. Un mod basé sur les séries stargate : SG-1, Atlantis et Universe pour le jeu Homeworld 2. Les 6 races qui seront présente dans le mod sont les : Goa'ulds , Les Terriens , Les Wraiths , Les Asgards , Les Anciens et les Réplicateurs.




Stargate Space Conflict Resource Patch

resource.rar | 4.52 MB

Tired to harvest 300 asteroid for 2/3 ships here's a patch to upgrade the resource value of x10 for each asteroid. To install put the file in homeworld2/data.

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