Jagged Alliance Back in Action




Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - The Making of Voiceovers

JABIA-Making-Of-ESRB.wmv | 580.07 MB

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the voice acting in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.




Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Gameplay Trailer #2

Jagged_Alliance_Back_in_Action_Gameplay_Trailer.mp4 | 107.62 MB

In today's video, viewers will learn firsthand how the innovative new "Plan & Go" system works when it comes to managing troops on the battlefield. Along with a new 3D graphics engine, Plan & Go is one of the key new features in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, and will challenge players to craft the ultimate battlefield strategies as they coordinate actions between mercenaries and mercenary teams, as they fight to free the island of Arulco.




Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Story & Gameplay Trailer

JaggedAllianceBIA_Trailer1_dec2011.wmv | 69.32 MB

This new trailer showcases some of the story and gameplay from the upcoming title, which challenges players to recruit, manage and command squads of mercenaries as they fight to free the island of Arulco from an evil dictator.

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