James Bond 007 Nightfire




James Bond 007: Nightfire v5.65 Patch

007Nightfire_Patch_v5.65.zip | 24.89 MB

To install this, simply unzip the file and then run the Nightfire Patch Setup Wizard. Players are highly recommended to download this patch. Totally new in this release is the ability to download new custom maps off servers automatically when joining. Most weapons will now have iron sights, activated by right-click (changeable). Also, the game will notify you if there is a new update available and ask you if you would like to install it. Includes improvements to netcode, fixes numerous problems that would cause the game to crash to desktop, improves frame rate, heavily reduces lag and disconnects while playing multiplayer, adds the ability to change the field of view for widescreen monitors. The console is also enabled automatically when installing this patch. Make sure you are running the game as administrator or automatic updates will fail to install. It is fully compatible with all game servers, unlike the older 1.1 patch

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