James Bond 007 Nightfire




James Bond 007: Nightfire Dedicated Server Patch v5.07

5.07Server_R5.zip | 1.59 MB

Server admins need to know these new commands available to them in this update: sv_explosives controls explosive weapons, sv_bondmines controls bondmines, sv_pjump controls power jumping, sv_sleepperframe controls how much the server sleeps (to reduce cpu usage), sv_grappleanywhere controls whether or not players can grapple onto any surface, sv_cheats is no longer a toggle command. 0 disables cheats, 1 enables the impulse 101 cheat, 2 enables impulse 101,give/goto weapon spawning and teleportation, 3 enables impulse 101, give/goto, noclip, notarget, 4 enables impulse 101, give/goto, noclip,notarget, and godmode. Also changed is the way frames work. You can ping boost your server by setting the fps_max to 1000. Other changes: Improved the Artificial Intelligence (AI) enemies reaction time and turn speed, implemented 66 tick hard coded reaction time to enemies instead of relying on server frame rate. Fixed server crash bug when certain common commands were used, and also fixes a crash problem when multiple players attempt to use a mounted weapon. Fixed split packet crash exploits, fixed % symbols in saytext, rcon passwords, and player names crashing the server, fixed log spam and invalid rcon spam from flooding or lagging the server. Also fixed is the exploit that allows unsolicited IP addresses to query flood the server thereby DDOSing the server's entire connection. Player names longer than 512 characters will no longer crash the server along with invalid or corrupt getchallenge packets. Servers now operate under a hibernating function when empty and will no longer use up a substantial amount of CPU when players are connected. Server reliability is also heavily improved, with timing functions completely rewritten which will fix server frame rates slowing down over time and also allow better bullet registration. Server admins can now enable or disable lag compensation with the sv_unlag command. WIth lag compensation enabled, player hitboxes will be directly on the model rather than in front.

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