Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning




Amalur AutoHotkey Scripts (Right Click and Spells)

Amalur Reckoning - | 7.79 KB

Do you like the easy camera controls with mouse and keyboard, but wish you had a seperate attack button for each weapon (like on the gamepad), these script(s) aim to address just that, with a few extras in for fun.

The game does not have enough flexibility to customize controls, so as usual, autohotkey to the rescue. Unfortunately this game handles it's input in a rather annoying fashion (likely to reduce latency with their action combat), which makes hotkey writing a bit of a pain. These scripts took waay too long to make.

That being said there are two files, one for basic remap of right mouse button (eg. hold to run/movement), and an advanced one that allows you to add a seperate button (right mouse) for secondary attack. Unfortunately the game really doesn't make this easy, and so the only way to do it is with a bit of a "hack. So it doesn't work 100% of the time, (maybe 99). But that is the best we can hoope for at the time being.

Please read the documentation in the file. These scripts require customization to your own personal controls config. They are for people familiar with autohotkey. I made them for myself, but figured I might as well share. So far I've only spent 30mins with the game.

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