Men of War Assault Squad




Men of War: Assault Squad Mod - War Realism for v1.98.8

War_Realism_Mod.rar | 564.41 MB


- 100% muzzle velocity (m/s) for all guns
- Working small weapons shells
- More Camos & Skins for infantry and tanks
- Increased/decreased MaxSpeed of the vehicles adapted of real specifications
- Decreased rate of fuel/km of real specs
- New FX
- New vehicles
- New realistic vision for all units
- New skins (tanks)
- new crater for 600mm and 300mm guns
- Light tanks cant crush cannons or artillery
- deleted circle around vehicles
- Reworked damage system for all tanks
- New Vehicles (Maus and more)
- More Squads for MP
- Planes
- New Sounds
- New script for IA soldiers
- Now you cant push or move a destroyed tank with other tank (barrier)
- Added Flammpanzer III for Germany (Working but not finished)
- New FX
- Added Char B1 Bis for Germany
- Mortars fires burst of 3
- Added units from Red Tide for USA, Germany, Soviet Union and Britain
- Now all units have reuse time
- Changed cost of units
- Now the units are purchased in stages: first infantry and light vehicles, light tanks, artillery, medium tanks and anti tanks, finally heavy tanks and artillery (rockets)
- The mod Still in Beta comment and post suggestions

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