Men of War Assault Squad




Men of War: Assault Squad v2.05.13 Patch | 857.97 MB


• Changed M8 to carry 5 APCR(HEAT) rounds
• Changed aiming of artillery to be streamlined
• Changed KV-85 speed from 25 km/h to 22 km/h
• Increased range of StuH APCR from 120m to 140m
• Reduced StuH APCRs from 10 to 5
• Reduced shockwave damage of muzzles
• Fixed armor of Ho-Ni 3
• Fixed Ho-Ni 3 machine guns
• Fixed rocket selection of Sherman Tulip
• Fixed preview of Panzerfaust
• Fixed some aiming issues with artillery
• Fixed a volume issue with T-34 series
• Fixed a volume issue with ISU series
• Fixed some speed settings of ISU-152
• Fixed some speed settings of ISU-122
• Fixed not visible tracers of assault guns when using APCR
• Fixed the bump map of the IS-2


• Increased price of KV-85 from 850 MP to 900 MP
• Changed emplacement special units to have 5 CP
• Changed Marder III H to light tank destroyer CP
• Fixed hold fire setting of Tulip
• Fixed hold fire setting of Calliope
• Fixed hold fire setting of Type 91 105mm
• Fixed hold fire setting of Ho-Ro
• Fixed crew of Panzerwerfer


• Fixed helmet bugs

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