Minecraft Mod - Craftable Mob Spawners v1.3 (for 1.7.3)

craftablespawners_1-3_1-7-3_into_mods_folder.zip | 17.03 KB

These recipes will give you "Spawner Builder" item. When you use this item, it will create a spawner with the specific monster inside. This spawner is the usual, in-game, nothing new.

Once you build your spawners and you have no more Spawner Builders, you can freely remove this mod.

On the crafting table: Moss stone in the corners, iron ingots for the sides.
(M being moss stone, R iron ingot)

The middle item determines spawner type.

Raw Porkchop - pig
Skin - cow
Egg - chicken
Wool - sheep
Arrow - skeleton
String - spider
Feather - zombie
Gunpowder - creeper
Ink Sack - squid
Bone - wolf
Slimeball - slime
Cooked Porkchop - zombie pigman
TNT - ghast

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