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Mount & Blade: Warband Mod - Splatterhouse v1.0 | 75.55 MB

The Splatterhouse is a dilapidated two-story building with a full basement and a spacious attic, giving the structure four levels.The doors throughout only open one direction, starting from the innermost rooms, though they can be destroyed with some effort. This allows those in the inner rooms to allow their teammates inside for protection, or to ambush those outside the door. In this manner the entire house can be fortified from the inside by a careful team.

On each level is also a life power-up in the form of a human heart - each use costs 300 denars and heals 30 hit points. AI troops consist of Zombies (fast/weak), Maniacs like the players (balanced), and Demons (strong/slow), making even single-player play somewhat enjoyable.

Different game modes can be used for variety. For instance, in Team Deathmatch mode, all the players could be on one team, battling against a huge horde of AI bots on the other team. Friendly fire can be made realistic (100% damage to victim; 0% damage to attacker) for an authentic slashfest, and blocking can be set to directional to make staying alive a lot harder. The music tracks are taken directly from Splatterhouse 3.

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