Mount and Blade Warband




WWIICBF Upgrade v03.01.11

WWIICBF_MP_03.01.11_Patch.exe | 9.04 MB

v03.02.11 This is mainly for dedicated servers. For the common players, if you already have v03.01.11, it is not necessary to upgrade this one. 2 buggy maps fixed. Flamethrower animation fixed. -------------------------------- v03.01.11 Drivable and retrievable boats! (F to start or shut down the motor, WSAD to drive) More new maps including 1 special made training ground. Battlefield style game mode: Seesaw Battle(former conquest). Teammates Rank Display, press N to show your teammates' name and rank directly on the screen. Press B to call for medic. Automatically kicks TKer. Added new clans and clan items. Bug fixes and game play balancing. -------------------------------- v02.17.11 Balanced LMS mode. Added 3 new maps for LMS mode. (Thank you Comrade Temuzu!) Added 4 new clans. Chinese translation. Bug fixes. --------------------------------- v02.14.11 Balanced gameplay, for example MGs' accuracy decreased, rifles accuracy increased etc. Slightly lowered the difficulty of LMS mode. Custom mod key interface. Mines can be detonated by explosives like grenades now. Added clan oriented functions. A clan member can use his clan's flag, uniform and other special items. Added version check, player with older versions of this mod will be warned if he tries to join a internet game. Canceled master of field of battle mode, the team who has more survivors in it will win the round. 3 community members made new maps for LMS and battle, thank you Antifiriz and Swadian Man at Arms! Some minor bug fixes.




WWII China Battlefield Multiplayer v2.6.11

download.phpid2551fWWIICBF_MP_2.6.11.rar | 213.08 MB

8 MP Factions including Empire of Japan. MGs, mortars, flamethrower, all kinds of WWII infantry weapons. 7 classes troops, including medics and pioneers, who can build all kinds of fortifications anywhere he chose, rises cooperation between players to a new level. Massive historical uniforms, equipments and structures, including gasmasks and huge bunkers. There are carefully hand made(not made by some foolish thing like polygon cruncher, but by me myself) LoDs for most of the models, including some buildings. Particle effects for all kinds of activities, muzzle flash, explosion, water splash and so on. Last Man Standing mode: build and defend the base with your friends against waves of AI attackers. Be careful, these are not zombies, they can use guns and explosives! Clan supporting system: as a WWIICBF clan member, you will be able to use your own clan's flag, uniform and items.

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