Need for Speed Undercover




K.I.T.T. & K.A.R.R.


Installation: Step 1 - extract the KITT&KARR.rar to your place of choice Step 2 - open the KITT & KARR folder, then copy and replace the textures.bin file inside the KITT or KARR folder to your ...\NFS Undercover\CARS\FOR_SHL_GT_08 folder Step 3 - add the folder KNIGHT to your ...\My Documents\NFS Undercover folder Step 4 - load up your game if you havent already and test KITT or KARR Attention: Only KITT or KARR can be installed at the same time, so choose between KITT or KARR, the only diffrence is the scanners and seats, KITT has a red scanner and red seats, KARR has a yellow scanner and yellow seats, so ill let you decide which to install, anyways i hope you like the mod, thanks, peace and enjoy :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Known Bugs: the only one ive seen so far is if you try to select or delete another car from your garage while the KITT or KARR textures.bin is installed the game crashes to windows, yet when you installed the orginial textures.bin it doesnt, idk why it crashes at all, but ive never really modded a nfs game, but i do know a little about modding as i mod gta, and know the basics, but if there any other bugs or errors plz email me from the following contact us email below, now this might be just me, and not effect others, just figured id mention it so you dont get bad saying ive uploaded a faulty mod, anyways if you need to report a bug, comment or pass crits plz email at the email below, thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (c) 2010 KnightProwl, Knight Industries Modding and Tobie Hill Contact Email:

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