Panzer Corps




Panzer Corps v1.21 Patch | 746.5 MB

• Change List
Fixed advaced options in GC
o Fixed the issue with too generous hero assignment in GC
o Fixed default game layout: if the patch is installed on PzC Wehrmacht, UI will not
default o Allied skin after install.
o Kamikaze units (like V weapons) no longer get to reform list.
o Fixed AK intro movie - should play correctly now if AK expansion is activated.
o When starting GC, UI skin should switch to german, unless Allies in the only
installed expansion.
o Disbanding 0-strength no longer gives prestige. Disbanding understrength units (e.
g. 1-strength) gives proportionally less prestige.
o The game should now display an error in case it fails to save the game (bad file
name etc.)
o Replays no longer display danger dots when moving airplanes.
• Other changes:
o If "Custom difficulty" checkbox is not checked, difficulty sliders are updated to
reflect the currently selected difficulty level.
Unlocked a few more experimental options which were used in the Allies beta,
available via
o gamerules.pzdat file.

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