Pro Cycling Manager Tour de France 2012




Pro Cycling Manager 2012 v1.3.0.0 Patch | 190.13 MB


- Major fix: Schedule/invitations for Cya World Tour races in season 2.
- Fix: a bug could prevent a limited number of very good riders from joining a new team during the off season, therefore finding themselves without a contract.
- Fix: crash which could occur on the Schedule page.
- Fix: problem on the world championships time-trial (bad team controlled).
- Fix: bug that prevented renewal of contracts for the next year (year + 1) when, in January of the current year, there were 30 riders under contract.
- Fix: some fixes in Update 4 ( from did not fully take into account the fix to U23 races (the correct race profiles were missing).
- Improvement: cost of staff revised to avoid the financial imbalance which could be created with small and medium-sized teams.
- Improvement: sponsor goals.

- Major feature: Collections.
- Feature: added the possibility to play friendly races with a custom database.
- Feature: added the possibility to \"sell\" rider cards back to the server in exchange for Coins.
- Functionality: added wear and tear of equipment (only taken into account in races for ladder games).
- Functionality: player rankings have been added showing progress of collections.
- Feature: in the list of games, information added about the type of friendly race: terrain, distance, cobblestones, database (Armada Official or Custom).
- Functionality: it is now possible to use a password to protect a friendly game.

- Fix: various fixes to prevent possible crashes when starting the game and when accessing the \"load game\" page.
- Fix: final race winnings were not paid on the Paris-Nice.
- Functionality: it is now possible to use start lists (startlists) in Tour/Stage/Classic solo races.

- Fix: update of two profiles on the Tour of Belgium.
- Adjustment: some attributes tweaked.




Pro Cycling Manager 2012 v1.4.0.0 Patch | 203.21 MB


- Fix: national jerseys did not necessarily match during the world championships.
- Fix: recording of yearly rankings visible on the stats page no longer worked.
- Fix: prevent a crash which could occur with badly populated custom databases.

- Feature: addition of energy management with impact on performance levels.
- Feature: addition of rider contracts
- Improvement: date added for accomplishment of an Achievement.
- Fix: accomplished Achievements remain displayed with the "success" pictogram.
- Fix: when a player parted with a duplicate card, the remaining rider card(s) were shifted to another position/page.
- Fix: once a collection of team rider cards is completed, the Team pack "Buy" button is immediately replaced by "100%" (without requirement to reconnect).

- Fix: it is now possible to place route variants into the « My Documents » (Pro Cycling Manager 2012ModStages) directory rather than in CM_Stages

- Update: New route for the 2012 Lombardia




Pro Cycling Manager 2012 v1.2.0.0 Patch | 187.52 MB

- Functionality: Add the possibility to renew sponsors.
- Fix: Fixed a bug that could prevent, in some rare cases, getting beyond the world championships.
- Fix: Fixed several problems with U23 races.
- Improvement: Custom teams with a small budget are now considered to be \"Continental\" teams rather than \"Continental Pro\".

- Major Functionality: Official teams are playable in friendly mode.
- Functionality: Races (except time-trials) can be speeded-up (x2 / x4) if a majority of players vote for it. Once the last rider has crossed the line, the race will end.
- Functionality: It is now possible to play time-trial races. AI teams will not be present in these events, to avoid long waiting times.
- Corrections to the chat.
- Number of players connected is displayed and a small icon will show if a player is in a game.
+ server updates : viewtopic.php?f=7&t=13002#p525770

- Addition : Chapelle de Grammont added to \"Isolated Buildings\".

- Addition: Possibility to zoom the profile during a race. (a left click on the profile causes a zoom of the selected section to be displayed on-screen. Move mouse to change zoomed view).
- Addition: Colours added to race profile (in some menus, especially a zoomed profile) to distinguish differences in slope.
- Correction: Sprint and attack distances of a leader were not displayed on the Detailed Simulation page.

- Addition: Missing localisations added to Italian and Portuguese.

- Adjustment: Adjustment to certain rider attributes.

- Fixed a rare problem with a \"server-side processing error\" that could force a player to recreate a profile for each new connection to Armada.




Pro Cycling Manager 2012 Stage Pack DLC #1 | 702.08 MB

Career mode:
- 1 new variant for the following races: Tour de France (21 stages), Supergiro di Italia (21 stages) Vuelta a España (21 stages), Paris - Nice (8 stages), Criterium du Dauphiné (8 stages) and Tirreno (7 stages).

These new routes will be selected as of the second season of your career (and will alternate one year after the other with the original route).

- 18 new routes for the World Championships (9 road races and 9 time-trials) that can be raced from the 2015 season (2012, 2013, 2014 routes are being hosted, respectively, by the cities of Valkenburg, Florence and Ponferrada).

Tour / Stage mode:
- The following, previously unreleased, race variants are playable in single stage or tour mode: Tour de France (21 stages), Supergiro di Italia (21 stages) Vuelta a España (21 stages), Paris - Nice (8 stages),
Criterium du Dauphiné (8 stages) and Tirreno (7 stages).

To use the new variants, you must select them in the small window displayed at the top right of the interface of the stage/tour choice page.

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