Realms Online




Realms Online - Dawn of Freedom Event Trailer

Realms_Online_Dawn_of_Freedom_Trailer.mp4 | 8.84 MB

Not only will players be able to defeat undead foes, but they'll also enjoy a number of other activities, including firework shows put on by Realms GMs, American Flag banners playing the national anthem throughout the world, Find the GM, Bonus XP events, and more. In addition, special 4th of July items such as fireworks and Uncle Sam hats will be added to the cash shop, available for purchase for the duration of this event. These and other items will also be awarded to players for participation in events.




Realms Online - Full Client

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Realms Online is a FREE-TO-PLAY (F2P) MMORPG focusing on player competition and Realm vs Realm combat.




Realms Online - Launch Client

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- Realms Online offers 3 realms to choose from. - 9 fully customizable player races. - 6 classes with extensive customization. - An ever-expanding number of quests. - The ability to capture forts & castles. - Expansive lands to explore. - Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. - Premium items for enhanced gameplay.

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