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Uploaded:07-20-2002 | 4.6 MB

WTF Skins By Dr.EViL Installation: Place all *.pk3 files into C:Program FilesReturn to Castle WolfensteinMain Will NOT work on pure servers. Email Website 08/07/2002



Uploaded:07-11-2002 | 1.46 MB

{WOLF} Clan MP Skins Simply copy both the PK3 files into your main directory, and you get the new skins when you play on unpure servers. Included are; Allied Skins Camo Jackets and {WOLF} badges. Axis Skins Camo Long Coats and {WOLF} badges.



Uploaded:07-11-2002 | 3.95 MB

Wildwest Skins for RTCW by Boltyboy. Installation instructions... Move the wildwestskins.pk3 to your rtcw/main directory....errr that's it! :) Do NOT extract the files from the pk3. I believe these skins will show up in all maps that you play once

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