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Rise Jesus Christ RPG

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Characters playable in RJC RPG:

Jesus Christ - regarded as the Messiah by many, he's on a mission to save the world from itself. Curing the sick people and exorcizing demons, he's also in conflict wit the local authorities who see him as trouble-maker who's on a quest to become king.

Mary Magdalene - a woman who was possessed by demons and later joins the party. She anoints Jesus and give him strength to fight even more battles against the forces of evil.

Simon Peter - "The Rock". He's a strong man who's Jesus' greatest ally. Nonetheless, he will also have his trials to overcome as his faith is tested against his self-preservation instinct.

Judas Iscariot - A misguided man who thinks too much of material things and loses sight of the big picture. His obsession with status and money-making prove to be his own downfall.

Malchus - A soldier tasked with accompanying Judas on his mission to apprehend Jesus Christ.

Longinus - A centurion who takes prisoners condemned to death by crucifixion to Golgotha, where they meet their demise.

Gesmas - The unrepentant thief. He mocks Jesus at the cross while sharing the same fate. A tough man who does not have compassion in his heart for anyone.

Dismas - The repentant thief. Dismas realizes his predicament is bad yet caused by his actions. He argues with Gesmas and ends up reaching Heaven.

Angel Gabriel - The messenger. Here, he helps Jesus on the Lord's last mission before resurrection.

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