Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion




Imperator II v1.8 to v1.9 Patch

ImpIIv1.9Setup.exe | 9.95 MB

A patch updating Imperator II from v1.8 to v1.9.




Imperator II: Apocalypto - Final Edition v1.8

ImpIISetUp.exe | 118.7 MB

An updated version of Imperator II: Apocalypto. See change log below.




Imperator II v2.1 Patch

ImpIIv2.1Setup.exe | 21.48 MB

A patch v2.1 for Imperator II - Final Edition (v1.8).




Imperator II v2.1

Imperator II v2.1 Full.exe | 151.49 MB

* Named Legion recruited according to specific AOR region
* Legio I Italica - Recruited from among the citizens all over Italy
* Legio II Augusta - Recruited from the former Carthaginian province
* Legio III Gallica - Recruited among various Gallic

Imperator II is not supported or endorsed in any way by The Creative Assembly, Activision or Sega. All of the work included with this modification is mostly my own, and has not been taken, borrowed or stolen from anyone. Credit has been given when and where necessary. Note that any infringements present are purely unintentional. This material in this modification may be included in other public modifications in a complete and unaltered state. Adaptation may only be made to the extent necessary for the material to be used as intended by the creator. These conditions can be waived with the creator\'s express permission. It also may not be used for any commercial purpose. The creator of the modification must be identified within the credits included in any release. If you wish to use any part of this modification (i.e. my own work, not that of The Creative Assembly) in your own projects, please contact me in the form of a Private Message. Additionally, the work of other modders is included with this modification, so you will need to be given specific permission from the author(s) if you wish to use their work in your own projects

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