Shogun 2 Total War




Total War: Shogun 2 Dev Diary Part 2

Shogun 2 Dev Diary | 227.96 MB

This dev diary features seven members of the studio from different departments – Art (Pawel Wojs, Kevin McDowell), Production (Ross Manton), Programming (Guy Davidson), Communication (Kieran Brigden), Writing (Mike Brunton) and Creative Direction (Mike Simpson) - all of whom give their opinions and discuss the Total War series to date.




Total War: Shogun 2 Dev Diary Part 1

Shogun 2 Dev Diary | 272.49 MB

This dev diary features seven members of the studio from different departments – Art (Pawel Wojs, Kevin McDowell), Production (Ross Manton), Programming (Guy Davidson), Communication (Kieran Brigden), Writing (Mike Brunton) and Creative Direction (Mike Simpson) - all of whom give their opinions and discuss the Total War series to date.




Shogun 2: Total War Announcement Trailer

Shogun 2 Announcement | 58.59 MB

Sega has released an announcement trailer for Shogun 2: Total War. Players take on the role of one Daimyo, the clan leader, and will use military engagements.




Shogun 2: Total War Battle Report

Shogun2 Battle Report | 1.12 GB

In this Shogun 2: Total War Battle Report, The Creative Assemblys Land Battle Programmer (Ingimar Gudmunsson) and Studio Communications Manager (Kieran Brigden) talk viewers through an epic night time battle, as the Chosokabe clan take on the Takeda clan.




Total War: Shogun 2 Multiplayer Tutorial Trailer | 1.29 GB

This is a follow-up to the first multiplayer trailer and serves as a tutorial for even more of the game’s multiplayer components. It focuses on customizable and upgradable avatars and units, navigating and battling across the online campaign map in real time and features an in-depth look at clan competitions across the online world of Shogun 2.




Total War: Shogun 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Shogun 2 Intro to Multiplayer | 355.76 MB

The trailer introduces an overview of the game’s new multiplayer component, featuring up to 4 vs. 4 online battles, customizable and upgradable avatars and an all new cooperative multiplayer campaign.




Shogun 2 Total War Gameplay Trailer

Shogun2 Trailer 1 | 366.58 MB

This ingame trailer shows the arrival of an invasion fleet of Japanese ships carrying enemy soldiers from a distant province. Naval battles are a key component of Shogun 2 and can now take place in coastal areas, with ships navigating terrain.




Total War: Shogun 2 - Otomo Clan DLC Trailer | 63.86 MB

As pioneers of gunpowder in Japan, the Otomo bring that renowned expertise to the battlefield. The Otomo introduce four new land units and a new naval unit. Leased land (one building slot per city) provides a core injection of wealth if traded to the Portuguese, and a new building subchain brings the Hospital, Jesuit Seminary and Jesuit College to your campaign to provide major bonuses to the spread of Christianity.




Total War: Shogun 2 - Saints and Heroes Elite Unit Pack Trailer

TW_SHOGUN_2_Saints& | 25.95 MB

Batter the enemy into submission with the war-clubs of Tadakatsu’s Tetsubo Warriors. Perform devastating flank attacks with The Spears of Shizugatake, spear-wielding cavalrymen of the first order. Or strike fear into the hearts of your opponents with Hanzo’s Shadows, elite Ninja who are unparalleled in the use of stealth, and trained to scale castle walls at lightning speed.




bushido gen replay

bushido gen.replay | 57.96 KB

A Bushido Gen Replay




Total War: Shogun 2 - Rise of the Samurai DLC Trailer

Shogun 2 DLC Announcement | 226.61 MB

Set 400 years before the dramatic civil war depicted in Total War: SHOGUN 2, the “Rise of The Samurai” campaign is based on the Gempei War, a conflict between six legendary clans of the Taira, Minamoto and Fujiwara families. It culminated in the first Shogunate, and the rise of the Samurai as the ruling class.




DarthMod: Shogun II (v1.95)

DarthMod_Shogun_II_v195.exe | 2 MB

1. The speed, accelerations and physics of the units are taken to realistic levels so not only the battles feel more realistic but now you must plan your tactics more carefully because the units do not rush like "Fast Forward Benny Hill" to cover your mistakes. 2. Various changes to morale and battle mechanics create more lasting battles which are not only an enjoyable experience, due to the fantastic combat animations but also they are very challenging, because the AI benefits from carefully made modding techniques. 3. Projectiles are not homing to the targets but more realistically spread and can miss. Their lethality and accuracy are not as high as in vanilla in a few words. 4. Increased unit sizes for epic battles, if the user wants them. Later the sizes will be changed by default without multiplier scripts, when the relevant file is unlocked for modding. 5. Removed all the insane cheats for the CAI, which provided a "fake" challenge and kept a moderate handicap system that reflects better the actual difficulty level. 6. Diplomacy and campaign AI have been improved significantly to cover the gap of the reduced handicaps. For example the AI invades with large armies consisted of more samurai than archers (vanilla problem), uses ships better, allies are more trustworthy, realm divide effect is reduced so that the clans do not berserk against you, and so on. 7. Autocalculation of battles works better. 8. Fortifications have more garrison troops, so now the major AI clans can survive and become very powerful opponents, like the Oda clan. 9. The economy system is slightly improved to encourage the recruitment of larger armies for both the AI and human player. 10. Upgrade points for characters are increased from 2 to 3 for a better and quicker character creation. 11. Several annoying things, for the majority of players, are removed like the projectile trails (laser trails) and the Horo (Balloon). The removal of laser trails in combination with the reduced speeds brings a significant FPS increase. 12. Increased army and navy control radius in the campaign map for a more strategic positioning system. An army cannot so easily pass by another army and has to fight it, or several small armies can trap other armies. 13. Better naval battles because now ships turn and accelerate not like motorships but like wooden vessels full of soldiers and also there are many other factors affecting the naval battles including the more realistic projectiles. 14. Ships have much more movement points that makes AI to launch powerful naval invasions. 15. Clans have more diversity for their special units, so the AI makes the right choice and builds characteristic armies, for example the Takeda raise powerful cavalry, the Date a lot of No-Dachi, Shimazu their deadly Katana, etc.

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