Sins of a Dark Age




Sins of a Dark Age - Vexie Character Reveal

Intro_Vexie_HD_H264_1080P_NTSC.mp4 | 171.07 MB

Sins of a Dark Age developers Ironclad Games revealed the second Hero in its upcoming RTS/Action RTS mashup strategy title today. Fans, meet Vexie – a winged vixen with the power to really piss your enemies off in a variety of awesome ways.




Sins of a Dark Age - The Knight Vallamere Reveal

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An ambitious squire in his uncle\'s regiment, he left home as a promising upstart and returned as a man...and a legend. Though certainly a capable soldier on the battlefield, Vallamere\'s true strength lies in his ability to inspire those around him to overcome the enemy with a unified might and an unshakable morale. Fighting with honor, sometimes to a fault, allies gladly follow his lead and enemies always respect him. Immensely protective of his homeland and its traditions, Vallamere is an incorruptible local hero and is emulated by children all across the empire….

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