Star Wars Battlefront II




Nedarb7\'s MOD

Nedarb7\\\'s | 235.51 MB

Info: MOD is a folder containing four side mods for StarWars Battlefront2
Sides: 501st, 187th(phase 1 and 2), 41st Elite, and Galactic Marines.

New Weapons: DC-15a Blaster Rifle: 170 strength, DC-19s Blaster Carbine: 60 strength and rapid fire, ATCH Detonator: sticky bombs 450 strength, DN Bolt Caster: Strength unknown.

Upgraded Weapons: Blaster Rifle: New appearance; Strength decreased from 75 to 60, Sniper Rifle: Strength increased from 300 to 500; Bolt action Firing. Clone commanders: Commander Gree (41st Elite), Commander Appo (501st), Commander Bacara (Galactic Marines), 187th Clone Commander.

Known errors: 501st commander has the galactic marine\\\'s 1st person, ATCH Detonator has no image in the bottom left corner, DC-15a Blaster Rifle and DC-19s Blaster Carbine are lost when you switch weapons if you have the frenzy award, DN Bolt Caster has no firing sound. (Commanders with thermal detonators might throw them with a buff defense animation. After some play this will no longer occur)




Loshon Skinpack 2

loshon_skinpack_ii.rar | 1.63 MB

Here is a SkinPack that has an assortment of many skins for bfII/bfI.




Lordsider's Modpack | 12.98 MB

This pack contains Lordsider's mods.

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