Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption




Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Mod - Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War v1.3

ICWInstaller.exe | 1.17 GB

For Those New to Imperial Civil War:

- New Era-Based Tech System
- Play as the New Republic, Imperial Remnant or Empire of the Hand
- Conquer Hostile Non-Playable Factions, Including the Hapans and Yevethans
- 10 New Galactic Conquests Scenarios
- 18 New Skirmish Maps
- Over 60 New Planetary Maps for GC
- Over 100 New Space Maps for GC
- Redone Particle Effects and GUI

Major Changes in 1.3:

- A New Tutorial GC Introducing the Gameplay of Thrawn's Revenge
- 2 New Galactic Conquests
- 9 Completely Redone Units
- 10 New Units
- Bonuses for Capturing Planets
- 6 New Planet Maps for GC
- Hundreds of Changes and Fixes




Thrawn's Revenge

ThrRevFOTR.rar | 8.09 MB

Thrawn's Revenge is a mod that adds several factions, units, heroes, planets, maps, and other features to Star Wars: Empire at War and Forces of Corruption.




Star Wars Empire at War Fall of the Republic Minimod V2

FotRMiniV2.msi | 61.61 MB

The second version of our Fall of the Republic minimod. Adds several FotR units to the existing game factions, and includes overhauled effects.

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