Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast



Uploaded:06-06-2003 | 759.99 KB

author Pulse Xeno Bob email shadowmaster68k discription this is my version of a trandoshan hope you like it. it took me a while to finaly get it finished. then i got the mask in and now its



Uploaded:11-30-2002 | 2.17 MB

JEDI KNIGHT II MODIFICATION Title Watto v1.0 Author Hans Moleman E Mail h4nsm0l3m4n Website http File Name watto model.pk3 File Size



Uploaded:07-11-2002 | 556.91 KB

ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR This is a Mace Windu 2.0 skin made by Mars Marshall. I have added bot functionality and given the skin a new icon. The original ReadMe is below. Whats new The skin has been tweeked to match Episode I



Uploaded:07-11-2002 | 1.29 MB

6 11 02 Skin s Name Xeyph Author Timothy GuNbOy Scaffidi Email Address g00nb0y Skin s description A longer time ago in

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