Strategic Command WWI The Great War 1914 1918




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.06 Patch | 281.64 MB


- fixed a war map display error that would show the war map incorrectly when using the map zoom features in full screen mode (Winti, Lettowvorbeck
- fixed a resource flag display error that would show the war map incorrectly when using the map zoom features in full screen mode (Winti)
- fixed an ARMISTICE script error that would cause friendly units to incorrectly leave friendly ports (xwormwood)
- fixed an escort range highlight display error for minor country air units (Lucas)
- fixed a FREE UNIT error that would leave free units in the port of a surrendered country (MJY)
- mouse hovering over a unit on the map will now display the unit info at the bottom left hand corner of the game information area (Winti)
- AI will now swap units under the right combat and reorganizational conditions
- captured resources for a surrendered country no longer increase the National Morale of the occupier (Sapare)


1939 Storm over Europe
- Soviet mobilization now set to increase by 40-50%, up from 15-20%, when the Germans do not honor the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact
- French morale increased by 5000 points
- French morale will now fall by 5000 points once Paris is captured
- Bordeaux added as a secondary capital for France
- If there are no British units within 10 tiles of Paris when it falls, France will suffer a 5,000 National Morale penalty, on top of the 5,000 penalty for Paris falling.
- When playing against the Axis AI, there will be a penalty of 1,500 National Morale points to France when Paris falls, per difficulty level. This is in addition to both penalties mentioned above.

Main WWI campaigns
- Reduced Seaplane Carrier Naval Defense from 2 to 1, and Carrier defense from 4 to 2.
- Athens Detachment deployed at Athens at half strength (Sapare), apart from in Fate of Nations.
- Amended Serbian, Dutch and Belgian Free Unit scripts so that if their country is liberated, and then surrenders again, units in exile should continue the fight.
- Reduced the cost to the UK of deploying General Hamilton in the Mediterranean from 200 to 100 MPPs.
- The chance of German naval units operating in the Atlantic annoying the USA has been increased from 2 to 4% per Entente turn, and if there is more than one naval unit present, from 2 to 6% in Central Powers turns. The increase will be 1-2% and 2-4% respectively (Ludi1867).
- From the 1st January 1916, after Russia surrenders or pulls out of the war, the USA has a 50% chance per turn of moving 1-2% towards the Entente per turn (Kommandant).
- Added in some National Morale scripts for when the Ruhr falls to the Entente (Honch).
- Romania now swings to the Entente when the Austro-Hungarians lose their fortresses, and Entente forces invade the Empire.
- Romania now swings 30-40% to the Entente when the Austro-Hungarians give away Trento-Trieste to Italy.
- Unrestricted Naval Warfare now has a 100% chance of upsetting the USA every turn it is used, and the swing to the Entente will be 1-5% (Ludi1867).
- Call to Arms and Triple Alliance Decision/Strategy Guides updated.
- British blockade pop up advice changed to mention the negative effect this will have on the USA (Xwormwood).
- Attack Morale Boost reduced from 0.1 to 0.05; Attack Victory from 0.3 to 0.2.
- Prepared Attack Bonus reduced from 45% to 30%.
- Terrain near Lemberg amended.
- Road added in to the east of Tirana.
- Adana and the road and rail network moved.
- Kars changed into a city.




Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 The Great War - Features

Strategic_Command_WWI_1914_1918_The_Great_War_Features.mp4 | 47.09 MB

This trailer focuses on new features, major campaigns and the detailed interface that makes up this historically accurate new simulation of The Great War that helped shape Europe and the entire world as we know today.




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.05 Patch | 279.41 MB

Key New Features include:

- An option to pause the video during E-Mail game replays
- The \'L\' Hotkey can now be used to review summaries from the previous turn as many times as desired.
- Recon aircraft will now be able to spot whether or not enemy commerce raiders are still in their previously suspected locations.

Key Improvements to the Main WWI Campaigns:

- The terrain around Lemberg and Przemysl has been amended to better reflect the geography of the area, and this will lead to even stiffer fighting for these fortresses in 1914.
- The British now have an option to accept or reject an armistice with the Ottomans when the latter\'s National Morale has fallen to a low level. If the British reject an armistice, then they will face a tougher struggle, but ultimately success will end in the total surrender of the Ottoman Empire.

Key Improvements to 1939 Storm over Europe:

- A significant change to the defence of France, as French National Morale will now suffer if a British Expeditionary Force isn\'t sent to France. Coupled with this, sending a large British force to France will actually boost French National Morale. Thus the fate of France is now in British hands more than ever before!
- Germany now has the option to form the 7th Luftwaffe Division in 1939 ready for use in Poland, or for an early attack on France or elsewhere!
- And much more, including bug fixes and AI enhancements




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.07 Patch

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_v107_Patch.exe | 281.76 MB

This all inclusive patch fixes compatibility issues with Windows 8, and includes numerous improvements to the AI, game engine and campaigns, driven as always by the extremely valuable playing community's feedback. It is all-inclusive and includes all previous patches.




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.04 Patch

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_v104_Patch.exe | 281.91 MB

This patch contains numerous improvements to all the campaigns, largely based on the extensive and useful feedback received from the players' community.

The improvements include:

- Reworking of the Zimmerman Telegram so that the timing of the decision to send it is dependent on the US mobilization level, thus making sending it far more useful for Germany.
- Increasing the functionality of the swap move to enable more flexibility when moving units around a crowded battlefield.
- Fixing various bugs, including one that slowed map scrolling.
- Amending the way in which minor countries like Belgium and Serbia may continue in the war after their last capital has been captured. - Increasing the impact of unrestricted naval warfare against the UK; the potential of the Arab Revolt, and the opportunities for operations in the Caucasus.
- Germany will now have to keep some units in the east after Russia has pulled out of the war if it is to continue to receive grain supplies from the Ukraine. - Significant work has been done to improve the balance on the Western Front in the 1917 Fate of Nations campaign.
- Plus much more to make this game even more enjoyable.




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.03 Demo | 170.5 MB

This demo includes three campaigns:

- the 1914 Call To Arms grand campaign (playable for the first 3 months from August to the end of October)
- the full mini-campaign of 1918 Kaiserschlacht
- and a sneak peek at the WW2 campaign 1939 Storm over Europe




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.03 Patch

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_v103_Patch.exe | 278.07 MB

v1.03 Patch Changes

- fixed an HQ attachment range error as HQs were attaching beyond their expected range in some cases (Winti)
- fixed an HQ supply error for HQs that are set to 'Manual' mode (Dragon)
- fixed a PURCHASE UNIT screen error that displayed an HQ even though none are available for purchase (xwormwood)
- fixed a 'forced march' unit error that allowed fully mobilized units to enter a friendly major country that is not yet mobilized (Glabro)
- fixed a recon error for Carriers that only allowed for a single recon strike if the Carrier had moved (Bill R.)
- fixed a unit movement error from Land to Land + Water tiles (Iron Ranger)
- fixed an adjacent port occupation error for when there is an enemy unit already located adjacent to the port (Iron Ranger)
- fixed a LOOP arrival error for when the arrival destination is an enemy controlled port (Amadeus)
- fixed a NATIONAL MORALE script bug that had the game engine skip over these events from time to time (Lokesz)
- fixed an error that allowed Carriers to reinforce/upgrade after it has been used to 'escort' (Catacol)
- fixed a research progression calculation error (Wushuki)
- fixed a WWII Strategic Bomber recon error (Bill R.)
- fixed an AI planning error that caused a CTD (Cantona66)
- fixed a WWII Partisan Operational Movement error that allowed Partisans to Operate out of their national territory (Gunnar)
- fixed a Carrier recon error (rjh1971)
- fixed an Operational unit error that did not reveal enemy units immediately adjacent a recently operated unit (Alastair)
- AI will no longer automatically purchase Garrisons to fill in empty resource GARRISON script positions unless 'Production Delay' is turned off
- AI will no longer purchase units that will arrive after the campaign 'end date' (Gunnar)
- AI speed improvements, up to 50% faster on turns with most of the map areas actively engaged
- AI logic improvements
- Carriers attacked by Subs will no longer have a random chance that some aircraft will be destroyed (Big Al)
- Fighters now have an interception range of 'strike range - 1' for WWII (Wushuki)
- Paratroops can now be intercepted and escorted
- SUPPLY events that have an associated #SOUND= line entry will now display an animated explosion over the supply targets specified in the event

- fixed a map resize error that would sometimes crash the Editor if the convoy routes did not properly fit within the new map size (Winti)
- WWII campaigns now have Carriers improve their AD/BA/BD values for each applicable level of Aerial Warfare (Wushuki)

WWII 1939 Storm Over Europe
- fixed an AI POPUP event with respect to D-Day
- fixed several LOOP events regarding Allied naval movements to and from the Middle East and Egypt (ludi)
- fixed a POPUP regarding the 'German Blitzkrieg Towards Paris' should France fall prior to the surrender of Belgium (crispy131313)
- added a Polish Corps strength 8 to Brest-Litovsk
- added several Soviet NATIONAL MORALE events to boost their morale as the Allies land in and liberate France
- added a UK NATIONAL MORALE loss event for when the Axis take London (Gunnar)
- added Halifax as a Canadian port and city should the UK transfer its government to Canada (Happycat)
- added an extra road northwest of Athens
- added Soviet 22nd and 26th Armies to Smolensk and Kiev respectively (abukede)
- added Nyandoma to 336,24
- added a road to connect Nyandoma to Kotlas
- added an HQ at Minsk to the front line Soviet UNIT scripts should Germany not honour the Molotov Pact (HvS)
- added a Romanian Tank to their build options (Dave)
- moved the 2nd Light Polish Tank to Kutno
- moved Kotlas from 359,23 to 355,27 and adjusted the rail and road to match
- removed Bradford and Birmingham from the UK PARTISAN event (Gunnar)
- removed the ports of Alexandria, Tripoli and Tunis from the supply effect on the Allies in the Mediterranean if the UK loses Gibraltar (abukede)
- removed 1st FSJ from the UNIT script and placed him on the P/Q instead
- increased primary Tank, Fighter, Tac, Bomber research upgrades from 10% to 20% (abukede)
- increased Soviet Tank builds from 7 to 8 (abukede)
- Turkey can now operate air units to neighbouring countries (Winti)
- all French Maginot Line units now start with strength = 5 (HvS)
- German Battleship renamed to 'Hutten' from 'Hutton' (HvS)
- renamed Vyatka to Kirov
- disabled the Allied AI Italian SURRENDER_2 event to the US (Gunnar)
- Venice added as a secondary capital for Italy (Bill R.)
- Canada can now operate its air units without territorial restriction (Gunnar)
- Infantry Warfare and Heavy Tank research costs increased by 25 MPP (Gunnar)
- Fighters that fly a reconnaissance mission will no longer be escorted if they are intercepted (Bill R.)
- Fighters now have an intercept range equivalent to their strike range - 1 (Wushuki)
- Winter War TERRITORY event now properly connected to DE 401 (rjh1971)
- corrected several entries in the Guide (rjh1971)
- increased Soviet mobilization from 7-10% to 15-20% should Germany not honour the Molotov Pact (HvS)
- several DE 101 Destroyers now spread out to arrive in later '41 and early '42 (Dave)
- German and Soviet Rocket builds now have SA=1 (Dave)

WWI Main Campaign changes:
- The town of Kropotkin has been renamed Romanovsky Khutor.
- The USA is now automatically at war with all the Central Powers on joining the Entente (Dan).
- Italy is now automatically at war with all the Central Powers on joining the Entente (Dan).
- Budapest added as a National Morale objective (Honch).
- Three extra Victory scripts added for a Central Powers Major Victory (Lokesz).

1917 Cambrai
- changes to the weather, a slight increase in German income, and also to increase the German unit deployment positions for reinforcements.




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.02 Patch

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_v102_Patch.exe | 278.03 MB

At the same time as we are releasing this new campaign, we are also introducing three new features in this v1.02 patch: Forced March; a more realistic Submarine Combat Model; and best of all, a new and improved Research system.




Strategic Command WW1 "The Great War" Patch v1.01

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_v101_Patch.exe | 203.28 MB

v1.01 GAME ENGINE CHANGES - Fixed a last turn summary error that did not display all the events that occured on the previous turn (Bill R.) - Fixed an AI unit/tile control bug (Craig) - Fixed an indicator sprite display error when playing with non 3D units (wolfe) - Fixed a unit reorganization error out of cities (worg64) - Fixed a 'next unit' error that caused the game to hang (sergei) - Fixed a unit supply error for units receiving supply from ports (Bryan) - Fixed a naval unit movement error that stopped naval units from passing through friendly Fortifications built on a Land + Water tile (abukede) - Fixed a combat defense bonus error for units that are located on a resource with a trench (wushuki) - Fixed a combat defense bonus display error when viewing the expected combat losses as it was not being properly shown (wushuki) - Fixed a combat defense bonus error for trenches located on top of resources that did not take into account facing during attacks (ufc_addict) - Fixed a unit entrenchment error that would not take into account underlying terrain or resources that have a higher base maximum entrenchment value (wushuki) - Fixed an AI unit entrenchment error that had AI units entrench after a 'Suprise' enemy contact (worg64) - Fixed a 'campaign not found error' for those loading multiplayer turns in another time zone other than the one the turn was created in, message should no longer apply in this case - Fixed a DoW error regarding minors and previously imported map data (Amadeus) - Fixed a unit movement and combat error when a unit moves into a trench but is destroyed by combat (amadeus) - Rail Guns can no longer enter enemy held territory (Robert) - Air units can now move at 50% of available action points when located on a snow, rain and sandstorm tile (Al) - Movement path is now also highlighted under friendly units to show the full reach of a moveable unit (lettowvorbeck) - Entrenching units will now start with a two sided trench by default in the 'Entrench' dialog (Thomas) - Reduced the number of shore bombardments that the AI will engage in when the game is played under WWI mode - Added a full screen toggle option in the SETTINGS dialog (wolfpack) - Improved AI combat under the 'Quick Logic' option (habari, ludi) - Fortifications will no longer show a National Morale value in game (habari) - AI Battleships will no longer purposefully target subs (ludi) - ASW research benefits will no longer increase BB Sub attack values (ludi) - Artillery Weapons upgrades for Heavy Artillery and Rail Guns will no longer increase their Naval, Carrier and Sub attack values (wushuki) - Amphibious Transport costs now have a fixed cost of 100 MPP plus 25% of the unit MPP value - Unit morale calculations relative to National Morale have been changed to the following: - unit morale = unit morale * .95% - at 76 - 90% NM - unit morale = unit morale * .9% - at 40 - 75% NM - unit morale = unit morale * .85% - at 0 - 39% NM - Land units that have recently unloaded from a Transport will no longer be able to 'Entrench' (worg64) - Countries that surrender via an Armistice can no longer be declared war against - Units adjacent to each other with available action points can now be swapped by selecting the first unit and then left clicking on the second unit while pressing the SHIFT key (worg64, rjh1971) - National Morale is now increased anytime an enemy naval unit is sunk at the value of the enemy naval unit in MPPs (worg64) - Damage evasion for naval units now set to 0% (Bill R.) EDITOR CHANGES - fixed a script 'Update' error that required you to update the scripts if you loaded a campaign in another time zone other than the one the campaign was created in - fixed an AI Tank unit arrival date error for the grand campaigns (worg64) - fixed a Belgian GARRISON script error (ludi) - fixed the UNIT script placement of several Finnish units (worg64) - added several new UNIT AI scripts for the UK, France, Russia, Germany (worg64) - added several new GARRISON scripts for France, Germany and Russia in Call To Arms and Triple Alliance (worg64) - added several new FLEET scripts for the UK to better target the German National Morale sea tiles - added several new German OFFENSIVE scripts for France in Call To Arms and Triple Alliance Changes to all three main campaigns: - Trench and Fortress Soft Defence Bonus increased from 2 to 3. - Prepared Attack Readiness Bonus increased from 30 to 45%. - Decision 626 added for Germany so that if it had said no to using unrestricted naval warfare earlier in the game, it will be asked again when the USA enters the war (Dan Fenton). - The terrain has been amended near the Austro-Hungarian Fortresses of Przemysl and Lemberg (Lettowvorbeck). - Tile 255,65 near Venice in Italy is now a land tile (Lettowvorbeck). - Mountain terrain removed from tile 294,61 near Czernowitz (Lettowvorbeck). - Mountain terrain changed to hills in tiles 290,59 and 291,59. - Germany and Austria-Hungary will now suffer Bolshevik disaffection even after Russia has left the war. - If Russia has pulled out of the war she will now receive a small income from Serbia and Romania if they haven't surrendered. - Bulgaria now starts with a half strength Cavalry Corps (abukede). - Roads amended near Kiev and at Chernigov in Russia. - Holland will now provide a convoy to the UK when it has a 20% Entente leaning rather than 30% as formerly. - Siege Pop Ups amended to make the effect clearer. - The effect on French National Morale of Russia pulling out of the war has been reduced from 7,500 to 5,000. - The UK will also now suffer a loss of 2,500 points when Russia pulls out of the war. - Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia will all now start with a 60% pro-Central Powers leaning when formed, irrespective of method. - The Ukraine will also provide 50MPPs per turn to Germany for as long as it has a pro-Central Powers leaning. - Any declarations of war by the Central Powers on Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Transcaucasia will lead to increases in Russia's mobilization value. - Battleship's sub attack value reduced from 1 to 0 (Ludi1867). - Anti-Aircraft units now have 2 strikes. - Tanks' soft attack and defence factors increased from 5/4 to 6/5 respectively. - Gas/Shell production can now only be researched up to level 3 rather than 4. - Venice, Bologna, Turin and Milan added as National Morale Objectives in Italy. - Dnepropetrovsk renamed Yekaterinoslav. - Territory script amended so that Ottoman Empire now gains territory in the Caucasus before Transcausia is formed (this is just an aesthetic change). - Trigger for National Morale script for Bolshevik agitation spreading into Austria-Hungary reduced from 30 to 25%. - Unit rebuild cost now set to 50%. - Countdown turns removed from the three main campaigns. - All relevant FAILSAFE DATES amended to 1st January 1925. - Decision events added for near the end of the game, giving players the opportunity to extend the game to the 1st January 1924 should they both wish to. 1914 Call to Arms campaign - National Morale penalty for Austria-Hungary giving away Trento-Trieste reduced from 10,000 to 8,000 (Bob Hatcher). 1914 Triple Alliance - Libya now starts as neutral. - Libya now has Italy as its Central Powers parent. - Western Desert Force can now deploy from the 1st January 1915 rather than the 1st September 1915. Both 1914 campaigns - VII Austro-Hungarian Corps that starts near Kolomea renamed as XXII Corps. - Mobilization script increasing US leaning to the Entente amended so that it only fires from the 1st January 1917. - Decision Event added so that France can increase the Romanian armed forces when the latter joins the Entente. - French 5th Army mobilization moved from Reims to Chalons. 1917 Fate of Nations - Pershing HQ now starts at Washington D.C. - DE 14 triggering the first Russian Revolution now happens when Russian NM has fallen below 95% rather than 75%. - DE 201 triggering the French army mutinies now happens when French NM has fallen below 90% rather than 85%. - Serbia now moves its capital to Corfu at the start of the campaign. - Strength 5 Ottoman Detachment added at Antalya. - A German Corps now arrives in the Production Queue in January 1917. - Russian VII Corps added near Odessa.




Strategic Command: World War One 1914-1918 The Great War v1.03.1 Hotifx

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_ v1.03.1_Hotfix.exe | 5.83 MB

This Hotfix is optional for the vast majority of users, and only required for people who experience a specific crash-bug issue:

- fixed an animate replay error that caused the game to crash during E-mail replay sequences (Falk)
- fixed an AI naval combat error that produced very long 'thinking' phases for when the game is played without FoW

The 1.03.1 Hotfix requires the game to be already patched to version 1.03 (which is the latest all-inclusive upgrade for the game).




Strategic Command WWI 1914-1918 The Great War Demo

Strategic_Command_WWI_The_Great_War_1914-1918_Demo_Setup.exe | 151.84 MB

Multiplayer modes, saving and unit purchases are disabled in the demo but the campaign is playable against the AI as either side.

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