Strike Suit Zero




Strike Suit Zero Teaser Trailer

SSZ_Final_Release.mp4 | 5.6 MB

SSZ features futuristic craft born from the mind of renowned Mechanical Design engineer Junji Okubo (Appleseed: Ex Machina, Steel Battalion), including gigantic capital ships, sleek alien craft and deadly “Strike Suits” that transform between fighter and robotic warrior at the touch of a button. As you can see, Strike Suit Zero captures everything you’re looking for in space-born combat, with the addition of being able to turn into a giant robot at will to cause even further mayhem.




Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut Trailer

Strike_Suit_Zero_Directors_Cut_Trailer.mp4 | 35.17 MB

The Director's Cut features a restructured campaign -- particularly relating to the first few missions, allowing the player to get in the cockpit of the Strike Suit much earlier - with an adapted story and all new dialogue. We've also given the game a complete graphical overhaul, including upscaled ships and updated textures and lighting. We've also included the Heroes of the Fleet mission pack, and both the Marauder and Raptor Strike Suits. We've taken a year's worth of comments and suggestions on board, too, directly addressing the points of our community and critics.




Strike Suit Zero - Patch #3 Update Trailer

Strike_Suit_Zero_Patch_3_Update_Trailer.mp4 | 49.34 MB

Check out the features of the latest Strike Suit Zero patch.




Strike Suit Zero - Launch Trailer

SSZ_Launch_Trailer_FINAL_HQ.mp4 | 142.21 MB

The game features jaw-droppingly detailed mecha and spaceship designs by renowned mecha designer Junji Okubo (Steel Battalion, Appleseed), and a wonderfully atmospheric score created by Paul Ruskay (Homeworld) and Kokia (Tales of Innocence, Origins: Spirits Of The Past).

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