Supreme Commander Forged Alliance




Forge Alliance Mod Manager

Forged Alliance Mod Manager.exe | 7.92 MB

The Forged Alliance Mod Manager is a utility for gaming groups or clans. FAMM ensures that each member of the group has the same files. This keeps everyone up to date and prevents desyncs by alerting users of invalid clan files and required updates. By default, the server at is used. This can be changed in the "Server.cfg" file and set to your gaming group's server. For instructions on custom server setup, download and read You may also feel free to just simply use the default settings which you direct to our mods and maps. Enjoy :D.




Animated black skin (2.0) | 5 MB

This a skin for the gpgnet client, based on the Dark Abyss skin from wankey.




Custom Faction Support mod (2.0)

customfactionsupport.rar | 27.8 KB

Makes it easier for modders to add their own faction and keep compatibility with other faction mods. Adds functionality that makes new factions available based on the status of specific mods in the mod manager.

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