Supreme Ruler Cold War




Supreme Ruler: Cold War v7.1.1 Patch | 64.03 MB


- Fixed three possible crash situations (No Units Option, Research Tree, and Pathing issue)
- Fixed some map and historical data
- Some product shortages at start of game eased at normal difficulty level
- Regions begin with opening stocks of non-civilian resources (ie Industrial Goods)
- US & USSR begin with extra opening stock of Industrial Goods
- World Market begins with more stock of goods available for sale
- Some improvements/fixes to optional victory conditions
- Equipment list and Tech Tree improvements/fixes
- Colony improvements
- Colony Independence breaks existing treaties properly
- Colonies can be forced to accept more types of trades
- Proxy in Colonies is now based on Parent Region relations
- AI improvements
- Parent AI regions more likely to get involved in Colony wars
- Making peace with Parent makes peace with Colonies
- Improvements/Fixes to Strategic Pool unit commands
- Colonies that become independent get facilities online
- Sphere victory now requires no "in or LEANING" to other side
- Theaters list now shows Theater priority settings

- Other Fixes:
-- Events no longer happen for dead regions
-- Fixed building upgrades in colonies
-- Default game length for Unification & Score games is 50 years
-- Can no longer set spending to negative with minus button
-- Colony sphere changes no longer trigger notices
-- Minor GUI adjustments




Supreme Ruler Cold War v7.3.1 Patch | 86.36 MB


- The BIGGEST list of fixes/changes ever posted!
- Game Speed greatly improved
- New screens for Income/Expenses improves understanding of where the money goes and comes from
- Espionage working much better and used by AI regions
- Ability to liberate colonies
- Major economy overhaul
- AI regions much more capable of long term country management and growth




Supreme Ruler: Cold War v7.1.2 Patch | 90.53 MB


- New Scenario : Shadow of the Bear
- More than 80 new Cold War events
- 65 actual leader pictures
- Many new units, unit meshes, technology updates
- Significant game speed and AI improvements
- New game features, interface improvements, and general fixes.

Scenario Description: Shadow of the Bear
As the Cold War heated up in the late 1950's, what would have been the fallout if a nuclear exchange had occurred between the United States and the USSR? Perhaps it would have given China a chance to emerge from the Shadow of the Bear. Start the game as China just before a nuclear exchange between the US and USSR. Use the opportunity of the Super Powers weakening each other to move against one of them and claim China’s place as a new Supreme Ruler.

Detailed Change Log:

- Links to helpful resources added to main menu
- Audio cue added for completion of research
- Map updated (Goa, Palestine, Guam, etc.)
- More than 60 new "leader" images added.
- More than 80 new events and many events updated.
- More than 30 new units added
- Region Capture now offers Colonize/Annex/Liberate
- Script for "Change Region Flag" event implemented
- Rule of Engagement system added, similar to SR2020
- Ability to set messages to receive based on priority level added.
- Colonies will support Parent regions in localized conflicts
- Parent regions will attack in defense of their colonies
- Proxy Wars Improved
- Overall Game Speed improvements
- Pathing and Destack code improved
- AI regions will pick sides when allies go to war. No penalties for break.
- Aircraft inherit proxy from their last airbase
- Artillery will fire into proxy territory in most cases
- Fixed proxy bug affecting Mutual Defense without Alliance
- Multiplayer Sync improved
- Sync errors on building facilities fixed
- On Map Notices code now more robust
- Graphic effect added to newly arrived On Map Notices
- Notices in wrong categories fixed
- 3D models for cities optimized for "top down" view
- Tech Tree fixes and GUI cleaned up.
- Space Race progression fixed
- Numerous Map fixes
- Colonies clear treaties at independence
- Spotting type fixes
- Breaking treaties function fixed
- Sphere related values capped to not go out of range
- Various fixes on translated files
- Building button from hex inspection fixed
- Better GUI feedback for regions with no spies
- Unit Upgrade chain fixed
- Fixes related to building military facilities in a colony
- Corrections made to expense report data and total value formula
- Taxation and Social Spending interfaced minor clean up
- Region Orbats updated
- Various equipment data fixes
- Various relationship adjustments
- Unit Design trade rules fixed
- Research completion fixes
- Message functions to "no longer receive" and "pause on event" fixed
- Missing Composite Ore GUI pic fixed
- "No Units" option issues corrected
- Colonies can no longer win unification votes
- Air incursion effects rebalanced
- Changed Surrender factors, especially after government change
- Units without sufficient missile capacity will no longer go into strategic pool
- Fewer responses by allies to support wars in colonies
- Support for Military Buildup event
- Election dates reset when governments change to democracy
- AI will scrap and replace units when appropriate; Minister priorities (arms race/dec) also
- Unused units now more likely to go to reserve after inactivity
- Subs more likely to patrol
- Funding insurgency high fixed, values reported according to daily/annually setting
- Domestic Markup cap fixed
- Command units only spawned to units 'inscenario' when 'limit in scenario' set
- Human minister will now always reciprocate an AI region alliance break
- Fixed rubber-band select issue with On-Map-Notice hexes




Supreme Ruler: Cold War v7.2.1 to v7.2.2 Patch | 1.82 MB

Detailed Changes:

- fixed liberated countries diplomatic interactions.
- fixed conquest options after a total proxy capture or colonial capture
- fixed colonies clearing treaties with parent at independence
- fix Merchant Marines & standoff bottlenecks from opposing forces.
- fixed land proxy in cases of colonial parent allies from enemy of colony
- fixed units in proxy vs. colonial parent allies
- Fixed some broken scenarios due to update 2 changes
- Treasury haps further clean up, integrate "inflation" mod
- Hex view haps clean up, added "in construction" icon w/ tooltip

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