Supreme Ruler Cold War




Supreme Ruler: Cold War v7.1.1 Patch | 64.03 MB


- Fixed three possible crash situations (No Units Option, Research Tree, and Pathing issue)
- Fixed some map and historical data
- Some product shortages at start of game eased at normal difficulty level
- Regions begin with opening stocks of non-civilian resources (ie Industrial Goods)
- US & USSR begin with extra opening stock of Industrial Goods
- World Market begins with more stock of goods available for sale
- Some improvements/fixes to optional victory conditions
- Equipment list and Tech Tree improvements/fixes
- Colony improvements
- Colony Independence breaks existing treaties properly
- Colonies can be forced to accept more types of trades
- Proxy in Colonies is now based on Parent Region relations
- AI improvements
- Parent AI regions more likely to get involved in Colony wars
- Making peace with Parent makes peace with Colonies
- Improvements/Fixes to Strategic Pool unit commands
- Colonies that become independent get facilities online
- Sphere victory now requires no "in or LEANING" to other side
- Theaters list now shows Theater priority settings

- Other Fixes:
-- Events no longer happen for dead regions
-- Fixed building upgrades in colonies
-- Default game length for Unification & Score games is 50 years
-- Can no longer set spending to negative with minus button
-- Colony sphere changes no longer trigger notices
-- Minor GUI adjustments

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