The Dark Meadow




The Dark Meadow - 'Deluxe Addition for Android' Teaser Trailer

The_Dark_Meadow_Deluxe_Addition_for_Android_Trailer.mp4 | 17.05 MB

The Android version will deliver enhanced visuals and physics resulting from the integration of nVidia's latest technology, the Tegra 3 chip, as well as new gameplay features including new game modes, story elements, levels and characters.




The Dark Meadow - Full-Length Launch Trailer

TDMLaunchTrailer.wmv | 49.89 MB

The Dark Meadow is a first-person action/adventure title backed by an unbounded story of intrigue, regret and revenge, and a navigation scheme and in-game combat similar to its spiritual predecessor, Infinity Blade -- all backed by the graphic horsepower of the Unreal Engine 3.




The Dark Meadow - Teaser Trailer

TDMTeaser.wmv | 32.19 MB

It is only when the witch is destroyed that you will be released from this unrelenting torment.

As you explore the photo-realistic world, you will need both your crossbow for ranged combat as well as your sword for in close, melee combat. Gesture-based “pull back and fire” as well as slashing combat will be instantly recognizable to iOS players, and node-based movement through the world makes navigation simple yet compelling.

Role-playing game mechanics enhance the exploration, as a wide variety of items are secreted throughout the world – from hidden scraps of paper that reveal the mystery of your imprisonment, to money which can be used to purchase better equipment and weapons.

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