The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition




The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition v3.2 to v3.3 Patch | 384.43 MB

Patch 3.3 adds modifications to Aard and Quen. The modifications are applied when a relevant shrine is found and used in game and they can be disabled in DLC settings in Options. It also adds auto-detection of the controller.

-Activating a relevant shrine changes Quen into Solar Quen adding a 10% chance for an attacker to be incinerated when hitting Geralt.
-Activating a relevant shrine changes Aard into Ice Aard adding a 20% chance of freezing opponents hit with the sign.
-The controller (gamepad/keyboard+mouse) is detected automatically.




The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition v3.2 to v3.2.1 Patch | 6.83 MB

This update corrects various translation bugs in the Chinese version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. Please note that it only affects the Chinese version of the game. No changes to gameplay or additional features are being introduced with this update.




The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition v3.1 to v3.2 Patch | 58.59 MB

Minimap: Adds a north arrow.
Alchemy: Crafting slots show how many ingredients there are; better default ingredient selection (e.g., not having to filter out quest item ingredients all the time); un-rotates alchemy element symbols; saves custom ingredient selection for a formula (until you close the panel or go to another formula, but no longer resetting every time you create something).
Tooltips: Taller, and scroll faster.
Inventory/Trading/Storage: Sorting buttons (sort by time acquired, name, aggregate weight, aggegrate price.) Reversible sort also possible.
Trading: Places a checkmark next to books, formulas, and crafting diagrams that you already have in your inventory.
Crafting: Shows how many items you have instead of capping the number at how many are required. E.g., 30/3 instead of 3/3.
Other: Sorts some lists alphabetically: crafting, alchemy, elixirs.




The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition v3.1 Patch | 5.55 MB

Changes in this patch

- Fixed the display of inter-chapter movies in aspect ratios other than 16:9.
- Fixed bugs causing the application to close while opening the credits.
- Relevant Aspect Ratio options are shown in the Configurator.exe if nVidia Surround is supported.
- Game saves from Act 2 created on older versions of the game are now compatible with the Enhanced Edition, which fixes the dwarven mechanism in Vergen.
- Added a fix for .NET Framework 4-related issues for the Steam users.

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