Torchlight 2




The Toy Collector (Mapworks Overhaul) | 27.95 KB

The Mapworks

Chewtoy as The Toy Collector
Korto as Merchant
Snizzle as Socketer
Sheldon as Grandmaster Enchanter
Leanard as Luck Enchanter
Titan the Robot as Stats Enchanter
Compass as Map Merchant
Albrecht as Transmuter
Santo as Gambler
Lightning Elemental as Electricity Enchanter
Fire Elemental as Fire Enchanter
Poison Elemental as Poison Enchanter
Ice Elemental as Ice Enchanter
Tortho as Gem Saver
Pantaz as Gem Smasher
Creeper as Creeper
Claptrap as Claptrap

Act 1 Portal Scroll
Act 2 Portal Scroll
Act 3 Portal Scroll
Mapworks Portal Scroll
Potion of Respec
Potion of Respec Vitality
Potion of Respec Strength
Potion of Respec Focus
Potion of Respec Dexterity
Elixir of Respec Vitality
Elixir of Respec Strength
Elixir of Respec Focus
Elixir of Respec Dexterity

NPC in ACT1 Town will sell you a portal scroll to Mapworks

The Toy Collector (Mapworks Overhaul)

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