Unreal Development Kit




Unreal Development Kit Beta (November 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-11-BETA.exe | 1.59 GB

November 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

Scaleform 4 Upgrade

- Vastly improved rendering integration with multithreaded renderer
- Added Action Script 3 support. Action Script 2 is still supported.
- Includes CLIK 3.0 (Lightweight Interface Kit)
- Major improvements to the AMP profiler
- Updated UDN documentation

Unreal Landscape and Foliage

- Landscape flatten tool tool is enhanced with a flatten to slope option
- New Clay Brush makes sculpting of landscape vertex data much quicker and easier
- Foliage scale axis locking allows for variable Z scale but uniform XY scale, plus z-offset settings
- New reimport Heightmap / layer button for each layer
- Updated Unreal Landscape documentation with info on new layer nodes
- Updated foliage documentation with info on new features
- Foliage now follows base component on copy/paste/move/rotate/move-to-level
- Much improved brush painting behavior for both vertex and layers in regular (non-clay) mode. Repainting the same area no longer causes artifacts
- Changed the regular paint tool behavior so that painting over the same area requires multiple brush strokes. The functionality is now consistent with Zbrush and prevent artifacts


- You can now export skeletal meshes and animations from the editor, enabling bi-directional cinematic workflow
- Added the ability to adjust sound class volume levels from a matinee track
- The content browser's 'Packages' view now returns to previously active view (hierarchical or flattened) when filter is cleared
- Added support for turning off startup movies and toggling cinematic mode for matinee movie captures


- High level Twitter UnrealScript-accessible support has been added
* You can now show the iOS 5 Tweet UI and optionally attach a local .png image and/or a URL, making use of the single-sign-on Twitter account(s) in iOS 5
* You can also submit a generic Twitter request (i.e., get the local user’s followers)
* Implemented for iOS 5
- Added ADPCM sound encoding support

Mac OS X feature parity work

- Additions and upgrades
* Added support for "Maximize" button
* Added full support for vertex texture fetch
* Minor PhysX library update, addressing some rare crashes, and adding "quickload" extension support
* Support for loops and secondary color attribute during shader generation
- Fixed issues
* Instanced drawing now on full parity with PC
* Light shafts now render properly and have full visual parity with PC
* Full-screen rendering and MSAA
* Inconsistent lens flares compared to PC
* Inconsistencies with anisotropic filtering between PC and Mac
* Shadows from spotlight on dynamic / skeletal meshes




Unreal Development Kit Beta (October 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-10-BETA.exe | 1.55 GB

October 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

God rays and shadows support added on iOS
- Added dialog support for creating wall posts
- Added friends list download support
- Added support to request additional permissions from a user
Input changes
- Added support for tilt/touch outside of MobilePlayerInput, moved support up to Input/PlayerInput - (MobileInputZone handling is still in MobilePlayerInput)
- Added Kismet events for generic key/axis input (for key presses and mouse/tilt)
- Added a new Kismet event for touch handling
- SeqEvent_MobileMotion/MobileRawInput still work, but they are now marked with [Old]
- Added aTouch and aBackTouch axes to PlayerInput.uc, so script code can get touch events easily

Foliage Settings Paint Tool
Added a new paint tool for applying settings to foliage quickly and easily!
The following foliage settings can be painted:
- Slope alignment, randomized angle and scale settings
- Cull instances based new on slope, height or landscape layer criteria
- Minimum radius between foliage instances
- General density of foliage instances (add new foliage, or thin out areas)

New Unreal Landscape and Foliage Features
- Paint tool: Added feature to paint layer weights to a certain fixed weight amount, with stroke history to handle falloff for overlapping strokes
- Flatten tool: Changed behavior for painting layers to be the same as when painting heights
- Noise tool: Added painting to a specified noise value and scale
- LandscapeLayerBlend node now supports order-independent height-based blends between layers
- Added dialog to the move-to-level tool to allow the user to move shared resources (material, layers) out of the persistent level into a shared package
- Prevented painting on landscapes in locked and hidden levels
- Component tool now considers brush size
- Added a landscape info panel to UI, with component count, size, etc.

Other Improvements
Unreal Editor
- Matinee recorder now works in DX11 mode
- Static mesh LOD now works on InstancedStaticMeshComponents used for foliage
- Unreal Kismet: Added a debugger callstack window
- Added hotkeys Ctrl+G for grouping, Shift+G for ungrouping and Ctrl+Shift+G for group mode toggle
- Added options in the Tools menu to Lock/Unlock read-only levels so they can't accidentally be modified
- Node connections can now be moved from node to node or connector to connector by dragging a connection between to 'like' (input/input or output/output) connectors in the Material Editor
- "Copy TranslationBoneNames to Selected AnimSet" now copies to all the selected animsets, not just the first one selected
- Added new confirmation prompt when placing Actors into hidden levels
- Objects added to Layers now have their visibility updated immediately
- Fixed morph targets not importing when using "T0 as Ref Pose" option
- Fixed Matinee cameras importing with wrong orientation
- BSP surfaces can now be selectively exported
- Added subtractive brush export support
- Added a new option to ribbon particle emitters that, when enabled, will spawn a particle as soon as the emitter begins to move
- Added MacroUV override to the particle emitter's Required Module so that it can now be applied on a per emitter basis
- Settings are now saved in UnrealFrontend any time a setting is changed
- Flurry analytics implementation for game stats added
- Audio feature: Ability to add EQ presets to a Volume similar to the Reverb Volumes Paint tool




Unreal Development Kit Beta (February 2012)

UDKInstall-2012-02.exe | 1.62 GB

February 2012 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

iOS Rendering
- Added support for uniform color multiply mask

- See the documentation here

Mobile Scaleform
- Added full support for Scaleform user interfaces on iOS devices

- Integrated ReCast navigation mesh toolset, which provides fast and robust generation of navigation meshes

Unreal QualitySwitch material expression
- A new material expression that enables you to make High and Low quality versions of a material
- Controlled by a switch in the material editor within the Utility Group, called QualitySwitch
- The quality mode used is based on video settings. Similar to the Resolution and World Detail settings, Material Quality can now be set to low for older computers

Unreal Landscape
- You can now save and share foliage settings in packages

Unreal Editor
- New “Create Sub-Archetype” feature added to Content Browser. Right click on Archetype assets to create sub-archetypes
- Material editor: Added “WorldPosOffset” category to the right click menu




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (June 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-06-BETA.exe | 776.04 MB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides uncompromised access to the award-winning toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D simulations, digital films and more.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (May 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-05-BETA.exe | 762.19 MB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit (UDK), a free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides community access to this toolset like never before.




Unreal Development Kit Beta (May 2012)

UDKInstall-2012-05-BETA.zip | 1.7 GB

The May 2012 version of the Unreal Development Kit.




Unreal Development Kit Beta (September 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-09-BETA.exe | 1.55 GB

September 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes:

Mac OS Support for UDK Games!

- UDK games can now run on Mac OS
- Every UDK game's potential user base has increased dramatically yet again
- September 2011 UDK contains a preview of our Mac OS support

Foliage Instance Selection and Editing

- Two new tools, individual instance selection and paint selection, have been added to the foliage edit mode
- Selected instances can be moved, rotated and scaled with the widget, and also snapped to the floor, deleted and cloned with ALT-drag
- Foliage random yaw is now an optional setting to support camera-facing foliage sprites
- Fixed foliage painting behavior with very small brush sizes

Multi-Display Support for iOS

- Works with either HDMI cable or AirPlay

Other Improvements

- Decals now scale correctly when placed
- Added texture import option for inverting green channel
- Slightly increased the size limit of files when importing to 4096x4096x32
- New button can remove all notifies from an anim set
- Added editor comments for AnimNotifies
- UnrealConsole now has text color coding for warnings and errors
- New ambient sound spline actors emit sounds along paths for adding noise to rivers, roadways, etc. with a single actor




Unreal Development Kit Beta (August 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-08-BETA.exe | 1.49 GB

August 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

New Movie Capture System

- Integrated Matinee and in game movie capture
- Matinees can be captured to AVI via a new button on the Matinee toolbar
- A running game can be captured to AVI via the console commands "StartMovieCapture" and "StopMovieCapture"

Material Functions

- Material Functions allow snippets of material graphs to be saved separately and shared between multiple materials
- Functions can be exposed to the function library, which is a new categorized window in the material editor
- Many new material functions have been added to the engine's function library

Material Editor Improvements

- An improved error display listing the error node type and highlighting the offending node in red
- Now supports marking by shift clicking connectors, which allows making connections across large materials without dragging
- Landscape shader compiler time improvements in the material editor. In a test case, compilation time was 2.25 times faster.

Culling Foliage Instances Based on Distance

- New "StartCullDistance" and "EndCullDistance" parameters for culling foliage instances based on distance
- At "EndCullDistance", entire clusters of instances are coarsely culled using "MaxDrawDistance"
- From "StartCullDistance" a per-instance opacity value from 1-0 is generated in vertex color alpha, for use by the material to fade out the foliage

Adaptive Tessellation

- Users can now dynamically tessellate meshes based on screen space size

Editor Improvements

- New slider for Alpha in the Mesh Paint dialog
- Improved Editor Startup
- Greatly improved editor startup times due to faster Game Asset Database downloads
- No longer steals keyboard focus when starting up
- Shows better status information while starting up
- New "Cancel" button to the Slow Tasks and progress dialogs
- You can now select all Actors referenced by Kismet in All Levels
- New ability to set and jump to bookmarks to the editor viewport and Kismet toolbar dropdowns.
- Improved foliage window scrolling behavior - only the mesh list scrolls, with the painting parameters fixed
- LOD UV settings in the Static Mesh Editor are now maintained after importing a new LOD
- SpeedTrees can now be placed while in StaticMesh mode
- "Undo" and "redo" are now supported for changes to the DrawScale boxes on the status bar below editor viewports
- New option in editor preferences menu that, when enabled, causes BSP to auto-update after modifying a brush
- This option is also togglable through the "Alt+Ctrl+U" keyboard shortcut
- Geometry should still be rebuilt prior to playing the level

Unreal Matinee Improvements

- Users can now name Matinee director tracks, and optionally display these names in the game viewport
- Now includes an Export Animation Track Info option. This exports the director track and animation sequences along with all keyframe data to a simple text file.

Other Improvements

- Unreal Cascade
- New "WarmupTickTime" member allows users to specify update time for the warmup ticks
- New Initial World Offset Particle Module includes seeded and not seeded versions
- Support for 'Color' instance parameters when retrieving particle parameters via "GetColorParameter"
- Auto-activated particles are no longer reset when resetting all particles in a level
- Set particle velocity from movement generated by the orbit module
- Mobile: Removed forcibly setting particle system LOD levels to the lowest detail
- AnimSet Viewer
- New FoV slider (fully settable range 5 - 170), FoV reset button, and FoV viewport info
- New drop-downs in toolbar enable viewing specific chunks and sections of a skeletal mesh
- Removing prefix from selected AnimSequence now supported
- iCloud document saving for iOS is now supported
- Using alternate bone weights in SkeletalMeshes simplified using Simplygon now supported
- Material vertex shaders now support local to world transform translation
- The SkinXX syntax for SkeletalMeshes is now supported in the FBX pipeline with or without materials




Unreal Development Kit Beta (July 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-07-BETA.exe | 1.49 GB

July 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

Post-Process Anti-aliasing

- FXAA and MLAA post-processing methods have been integrated into the engine. Post-process anti-aliasing is supported on DirectX 9 and DirectX 11.

Unreal Landscape Improvements

- Use the new landscape gizmo to copy and paste chunks of terrain. Import and export entire regions.
- Landscape gizmos can be arbitrarily positioned, rotated and resized.
- Use the brush tool to mask landscape and selectively paste over it.
- Each Unreal Landscape layer can now be assigned a physical material.
- The DefaultPhysMaterial property on the actor addresses layers not specifically assigned a physical material.
- During layer painting, the index of the dominant (most highly weighted) layer is stored in the collision data, and this is used by PhysX to specify the material for each quad.

Simplygon Skeletal Mesh Simplification

- Simplygon can now be used to simplify skeletal meshes the same way it can be used to simplify static geometry in UDK.
- Generating LODs using Simplygon is also supported.
- Morph targets are disabled for skeletal mesh LODs that have been simplified.
- Alternate bone weightings are disabled for skeletal mesh LODs that have been simplified.

Unreal Console on iOS

- The Unreal Console is now available for iOS development! Tapping with 4 fingers will bring it up.

Animation Tree Comment Boxes

- UDK users can now create comment boxes in animation trees.

Additional Improvements

- Materials can now use the vector transform node in the vertex shader!
- When re-importing FBX meshes, a new "Replace Vertex Colors" option specifies whether to overwrite colors.
- Handling of copying, moving and deleting animations between packages has been improved.
- When searching assets from the Unreal Content Browser, exclude specific tags by typing "-" and then the tag name.
- When previewing Camera Anims in the editor, it’s now possible to specify an animation to play on a viewport pawn.
- The texture viewer now shows light map and shadow map textures.
- Morph targets now support parent animation components. Enable the "Update Morph When Parent Anim Component Exists" setting to take advantage of this feature.
- There is now an option to forcibly remove editor-only data when cooking PCConsole to allow for cases of shipping an exe build with the editor data disabled.
- PhysX has been upgraded for both PC and iOS development.
- Animation sequences are no longer automatically recompressed when bAnimRotationOnly is changed on the AnimSet owner.
- There is now a map check warning for when lighting is built but is not production quality.
- Normals are now correctly imported from FBX files for off-origin or scaled meshes.
- The editor console command box is now cleared after a command is executed.
- Flattened textures are now hidden in Unreal Content Browser but can be shown using a new filter button.
- An issue of poor performance in the editor when toggling AnimRotationOnly options on AnimSets has been fixed.
- An issue of poor performance in the editor when reordering levels in the level browser has been fixed.
- Toggling an Unreal Matinee track's enabled state no longer causes objects to change location.
- The static mesh editor now has an option to show an object’s pivot point.
- Normals for static meshes exported from the editor are no longer incorrectly translated and scaled.
- Animation sequences are no longer automatically recompressed when bAnimRotationOnly is changed on the AnimSet owner. Instead, it’s now tracked whether or not there is a disparity between the existence of translations in the compressed animation and the value of bAnimRotationOnly. If there is a difference, a warning message is displayed in the AnimSet viewer and the RAW data is used in the previewer.
- Checks have been added to the content cooker to prevent a material from being assigned a mobile base texture at cook time if mobile flattening is turned off.
- Animation preview speed can now be controlled by a slider in the animation tree editor.




Unreal Development Kit Beta (April 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-04-BETA.exe | 1.32 GB

Unreal Editor - Unreal Content Browser now has an option to generate private collections containing the resources a specific asset references. - We've added a new tool for quickly previewing the player's height while editing your level. Just hold down the backslash key ("\") while moving the mouse over a perspective viewport to instantly visualize a predefined mesh right in your level." - - Organize your favorite properties any way you want using the up and down arrows. - It is now possible to view each channel individually in the texture viewer. - There are new buttons to toggle desaturation and the checkerboard pattern for transparent textures. - Previewer padding is now adjustable as well. Unreal Cascade - The new particle collision module, CollisionActor, lets you pick specific actors to collide against. - A new option to particle ‘LocationSkelVertSurface’ module allows for optionally specifying materials that limit spawning. - A new option enables converting particle modules to their seeded equivalents if available. - Cascade now has an optional display of approximate memory the particle system will use. ‘Template’ is the memory the particle system template uses. ‘Instance’ is the memory the modules use. Unreal Matinee - Matinee sequences with director tracks now disable some rendering features by default to make room for cinematic lighting and shadowing. o Features disabled are SSAO, whole scene dynamic shadows from ‘DominantDirectionalLights’ and skinned motion blur. o These can be re-enabled as desired. Settings are on the Matinee object. - Matinee has a new preset group for lighting. Adding a new lighting group adds tracks for movement, brightness, color and radius. - A new ‘Move to end of track’ option moves the timeline to the end of the currently selected track. - The AI Group in Matinee has been fixed so that no custom animation can overwrite current Matinee-driven animation. Unreal Kismet - New keyboard shortcuts for are now available for Kismet. o ‘Ctrl-Shift-A’ selects matching actions and variables of the current selection within the active sequence. o ‘Ctrl-A’ selects all sequence objects within the active sequence. - The Kismet level sequences browser should no longer constantly close itself. - When making a new comment box around a selection, the size of the box now fits properly around the selection. Unreal Landscape - Added ‘Flatten’ tool to the Landscape Editor. - Landscape now has DX11 support! Autodesk FBX - Static meshes can be exported to FBX via Unreal Content Browser (vertex colors and UVs are exported as well). - Whole levels or selected actors, including BSP, can be exported to FBX with world position. - Fixed not being able to export lightmaps as FBX via the static mesh editor. - Material auto-assignment now works for material instance constants. Other Improvements - Drag and drop of materials with multiple static meshes selected now applies the material to all selected meshes. - Floating viewport configurations are now saved between editor sessions. - Better undo and redo support has been added to the Sound Cue Editor. - Custom triangle sorting information should now be retained when re-importing a skeletal mesh. - The ‘SkinXX’ syntax for material order should now work correctly for meshes. - When using mesh paint, paint and erase should now influence the same vertices. - Importing a mesh over another one no longer erases material assignments. - There is new a ‘Copy to clipboard’ option in the materials section of the actor right-click menu. - ‘Brush edges’ is easier to select in the perspective viewport while in geometry mode. - UDK has been updated to FaceFX version - You can now toggle SSAO and visualize SSAO from the editor, as well as by using the 'show' console command. - There are new ‘Snap Constraint To Bone’ and ‘Snap All Constraints To Bone’ buttons in UnrealPhAT Editor Rendering.




Unreal Development Kit Beta 2 (March 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-03-BETA2.exe | 1.32 GB

The UDK community found some bugs in the March 2011 UDK that they were not aware of. Specific functionality was disabled that shouldn't have been. This update fixes that issue.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (December 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-12-BETA.exe | 1.12 GB

The December UDK Beta includes new tools for making iOS games and apps, such as Epic’s free “Epic Citadel” App, which has been downloaded to more than 1.5 million iOS devices.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (September 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-09.exe | 850.56 MB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit UDK the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides uncompromised access to the awardwinning toolset used in blockbuster video games 3D simulations digital films and more.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (July 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-07-BETA.exe | 777.67 MB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides uncompromised access to the award-winning toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D simulations, digital films and more.




Unreal Development Kit January 2010 Beta

UDKInstall-2010-01-BETA.exe | 530.28 MB

This is the January 2010 beta of the Unreal Development Kit. A list of changes can be found in the extended description.




Unreal Development Kit Hotfixed Installer November 2009

UDKInstall-2009-11-BETA-2.exe | 562.78 MB

This is the hotfixed version of the Unreal Development Kit that fixes a crash issue and makes changes to the installer and other updates.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer November 2009

UDKInstall-2009-11-BETA.exe | 562.77 MB

This is the Unreal Development Kit, the free version of the award-winning Unreal Engine 3, the software development framework used to create video games, 3D sims, TV shows, films and more.




Unreal Development Kit Beta (July 2012)

UDKInstall_2012_07_BETA.zip | 1.8 GB

In addition, the latest enhancements to Epic’s engine make it even more seamless to leverage Perforce for the game production pipeline.




Unreal Development Kit Beta (March 2012)

UDKInstall-2012-03-BETA.exe | 1.7 GB

New Features and Functionality

Unreal Editor
- Actors will show regardless of layer visibility when in G mode
- Before using ‘autoexpandcategories,’ the property window will first check to see if layout info has been saved
- New ‘Create Sub-Archetype’ feature added to Unreal Content Browser. Right-click on Archetype assets to create sub-archetypes
- Sound Actors can now be found inside Content Browser

Material Editor
- Added a ‘WorldPosOffset’ category to the Material Editor\'s context menu
- Changed the material editor to only update the previews when the viewport’s real-time flag is toggled, or mouse over while the expression’s preview real-time radio box is toggled
- Converting a Constant 1 Vector into a Parameter now behaves correctly
- Added functionality for updating a physical material when assigning a new material interface
- Material instance parameter groups no longer show up when none of the nodes in the group are connected

Post-process editor improvements
- Node color now represents the linked status (green = linked, red = unlinked)
- Ignores node connections of different types (has to be 1 Input and 1 Output), and reorders them accordingly
- Only marks the package as dirty when the effects order has been modified

Mesh Paint: marking an actor\'s ‘bHidden’ flag will no longer prevent it from being painted on

Texture paint workflow automation will now allow you to duplicate textures and hook them up to a new material instance with a single button click

Refreshing the list in Unreal Frontend so it no longer looks just for additional devices, but all devices attached. This prevents devices used previously showing, even though they may no longer be connected

You can now use the ‘Screen Capture’ option in Unreal Console to take a screenshot




Unreal Development Kit Beta (June 2011)

UDKInstall_2011_06_BETA.exe | 1.49 GB

June 2011 UDK Beta Upgrade Notes

New Foliage Editor
- Quickly paint instanced foliage and decoration using the new foliage system.
- Meshes and settings to be used by the foliage painting tool can be set up in the foliage editor, which is enabled through the Foliage Mode button in the toolbox.
- Foliage instance types can specify a landscape layer name for weighting. If you set this, foliage panted on landscape will have its density modulated by the weight of the specified layer.
- Foliage painting can now be used for altitude-based painting as well.

Map Templates
- New map templates let you immediately configure lighting for day, night, dawn or sunset.
- Simply drag the appropriate thumbnail from the Unreal Content Browser into a level to populate settings and achieve the desired lighting effect.
- Map templates are fully customizable, too!

Mobile Workflow and Lighting Improvements
- Lighting is now easier to implement for PC and mobile games.
- Dominant lights are now baked into light maps for mobile.
- Light shafts can now be activated on light mapped lights.
- Gamma correction for mobile is now supported, providing the ability to have a consistent look across platforms.
- UDK now ships with one single editor and game content tree for both PC games and mobile games!
- Share gameplay logic and assets between PC and mobile more easily.
- New in-editor mobile preview mode: Preview your PC level with mobile features instantly with a simple tool bar toggle.
- Mobile Previewer now has presets for iPad 2. This is a new option in the drop-down menu.
- There is a new 'Always Optimize Content for Mobile' editor preference, which forces PVRTC compression and flattening, providing high-quality textures when previewing on mobile devices.
- A guide to migrating mobile projects from previous versions of UDK to the June UDK Beta is available now as well.

Simplygon Static Mesh Reduction
- Simplygon is used to automatically generate game-ready Level of Detail models (LODs) for a specific pixel resolution.
- Simplygon uses a proprietary mesh reduction method that retains geometrical LOD integrity and visual quality of LOD switching, producing AutoLODs that can directly be used inside triple-A games.
- Unreal Engine 3 leverages Simplygon to provide high-quality mesh reduction without having to leave the Unreal Editor.
- Developers can quickly simplify meshes, generate LODs, and immediately see the results in their maps.

Unreal Kismet Debugger
- It is now possible to visualize Kismet node activation, set breakpoints that pause execution when nodes are activated, and step through sequences while running PIE!
- With this brand new Kismet debugger, you can:
- Visualize the flow of your Kismet sequence while your game is running.
- Debug issues where nodes are being activated in the wrong order, not at the right time, not at all, or too much.
- Step through your sequences one frame at a time and set breakpoints.
- The Kismet debugger controls are located in the Kismet toolbar.
- Enabling the Kismet Debugger is done through the Enable Kismet Debugging button in the main editor toolbar.

Profiling, Performance, and Memory Improvements
- Major memory and performance optimizations ship with the June UDK Beta.
- The STAT UNITGRAPH command provides easy in-game visualization of performance data, making problem areas easy to detect during play.
- Gameplay Profiler improvements include:
- You can now see time spent in native cycle counter scopes on the game thread.
- Data types are color-coded, so it’s easy to distinguish levels, actors, script functions, and so on.
- The Gameplay Profiler can now display an asset associated with an actor or component.

Unreal Landscape
- Unreal Landscape now supports decals, which makes it possible to add dynamic effects such as tire tracks or footsteps to surfaces.
- Landscape now has a custom texture brush that enables you to control the shape of the brush using a texture. Paint layer weights, noise, etc. with a brush of any shape.
- A preview of the texture in use is now displayed with brush settings.

Additional Improvements
- The Height Fog shader has been optimized.
- Editor Preferences have been moved to the main menu bar for easy access!




Unreal Development Kit Beta (May 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-05-BETA.exe | 1.33 GB

May Beta Upgrade Notes Unreal Editor - You can now select multiple actors and transform them as a group! - http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ActorGrouping.html - In light of the new actor grouping system, the old grouping system and group browser have been renamed to Layers. - The ability to toggle the visibility of specific in-editor sprite categories has been added. - Unreal Landscape now automatically performs LOD-independent lighting without artist input. - The editor now allows packages to be auto-checked in along with maps. Unreal Kismet - Easily find and add named variables to your Kismet using the new "Named Variables" right-click sub-menu. Mesh Painting - You can now copy and paste vertex colors when painting meshes. Other Improvements - AnimSets can now be edited as a group from Unreal Content Browser. - Skeletal mesh import time has been drastically decreased. - Skeletal mesh compression is now per LOD, not per mesh. - Skeletal mesh actors can now be converted to SkeletalMeshCinematicActors without losing data. - It is now possible to view different UV channels in the Static Mesh Viewer without changing the Unreal Lightmass UV coordinate index. - The UV previewer in the Static Mesh Editor now defaults to LightmapCoordinateIndex channel when possible. - Unreal Cascade allows the removal of duplicate modules from the system via the Particle Systems context menu’s "Remove Duplicate Modules" entry.




Universal Development Kit Beta (February 2011)

UDKInstall-2011-02-BETA.exe | 1.3 GB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit UDK the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides uncompromised access to the awardwinning toolset used in blockbuster video games 3D simulations digital films and more.




Unreal Development Kit Beta Installer (August 2010)

UDKInstall-2010-08-BETA.exe | 790.2 MB

Epic Games today released a new version of Unreal Development Kit UDK the free edition of Unreal Engine 3 that provides uncompromising access to the award winning toolset used in blockbuster video games 3D simulations digital films and more.




Unreal Development Kit March 2010 Beta

UDKInstall-2010-03-BETA.exe | 548.26 MB

This is the free, updated version of the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), the free edition of the award-winning Unreal Engine 3 for you to create whatever your heart desires.




Unreal Development Kit February 2010 Beta Installer

UDKInstall-2010-02-BETA.exe | 536.68 MB

This is the latest updated version of the Unreal Development Kit - the tool that lets you design games using the Unreal Engine - just like the pros.




Unreal Development Kit December Beta Installer

UDKInstall-2009-12-BETA.exe | 530.25 MB

Epic has released the December beta of their Unreal Development Kit, which allows you to create games using the same tools that development studios use.

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