Unreal Tournament 2004




Joe Pesce Voice Pack

joepescevoicepack.zip | 554.03 KB

A UT2004 mature voice pack featuring Joe Pesce one liners from Goodfellas! This is a hilarious pack with Joe Pesce in mobster character which he does so well from the movie Goodfellas.




Jackie Brown Voice Pack for UT2K4

JackieBrown.zip | 8.74 MB

Prograham\'s second voicepack from yet another movie that is close to his heart. Starring Pam Grier and Samuel L. Jackson directed by Quentin Tarantino. This is mainly a deathmatch voicepack for taunts but there are some acknowledgements and friendly fire sounds too, and some other lines from the movie I just couldn\'t pass up adding in.




John Wayne Voice Pack 2

John_Wayne_Voice_Pack_Ver2_Final.zip | 4.89 MB

John Wayne Voice Pack Ver.2 (Final).




Johner Voice Pack v2.0

johner2k4vp2.zip | 2.27 MB

Heeeeere's Johner! Actor Ron Perlman plays this character in the movie Alien: Ressurection.




Jeff Spicoli Voice Pack

jeffspicolivoicepack.zip | 385.39 KB

A UT2004 voice pack featuring Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgmont High.





JUDAS_PRIEST-UT2K4.zip | 2.57 MB

JUDAS PRIEST voicepack for Unreal Tournament 2004.




Jagged Alliance 2 compilation voicepack

ja2voices2k4.zip | 3.36 MB

A voice pack for UT2k4.




John Wayne Voice Pack

John_Wayne_Voice_Pack.zip | 4.72 MB

Here's my version of a Western Theme. Goes great with the Johnny Magnum model. Enjoy!




Jerri Blank Voice Pack v2.0

JerriBlankVP2K4_v2.0.zip | 2.93 MB

This is a voice pack of Jerri Blank from the Comedy Central TV series Strangers with Candy. Amy Sedaris portrays this character who played the 46-year-old freshman at Flatpoint High and sometimes ex-con, ex-junky, ex-prostitute to fight some dirty vicious rodents for winning the Tournament match (maybe today or whatsoever). She was dropped back into high school after decades of surviving on the mean streets (image of Jerri\\\'s Timeline included in the archive). deadboy made the original Jerri Blank VP for UT2003 until I made something a little .INT file for this UT2004 version to make the VP appeared in drop-down menu and I\\\'m using UnrealEd 3.0 to adding some text and abbreviations. Basically, the voice packs for UT2003 doesn\\\'t have any .INT files instead of making the .U package and the \\\"push content\\\" .UPL file to make the voice pack available. This is a voice pack with sounds for most events except that the sounds in Orders and Others sections are using the same sounds. The sounds are 8-bit, 11 kHz mono .WAV files (I\\\'m really sure that the sampling rate will make understand but less audible and quality loss). This VP contains strong language throughout so use some discretion, even the show was inappropriate for persons under 17 years of age for watching the show including her trashing quotes (TV-14 in the US).

Important Note:
The original UT2003 README file for this voice pack is included in the ReadMe file, but the installation process has CHANGED. I\\\'ve left the readme intact for reference purposes, but please DON\\\'T follow the installation instructions contained within, or your voice pack won\\\'t work.

\\\"Yeah, you\\\'re right. Spark that spleef, I wanna get HIGH!\\\"
\\\"You don\\\'t wanna beat me or screw me. Bring a book.\\\"

16 Acknowledgments
4 Names
9 Friendly Fires
10 Orders
33 Other/Miscellaneous
48 Taunts




Jennifer Connelly Voice Pack v2.0

JenniferConnellyVP2K4_v2.0.rar | 3.79 MB

Jennifer Connelly is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, nothing to say that this is how pay tribute to some a lot of actors/actresses that I recorded some couple of samples and compiled them to UT2004, hopefully this is the way that I was started. I'm not a huge fan of her but almost frequently caught up in my sense of reality because she deserves well. This is a complete and robust voice pack fill the Acknowledgment, Friendly Fire and Taunt events, as well as Order and Other events, but still I tried to cover all the bases here though; the default texts are appeared in place that you can still use them anyhow without hearing the sounds. This voice pack is a compilation of her movies so it contains 'different age' of this celebrity, ranging from child star to adult actress. The irrelevant samples for her are removed I didn't like that doesn't understand enough and adding more samples for her in this second version to make loud and clear. Note that the package name is ending with "VP1" suffix, it means that this is the volume of the voice pack instead of renaming it, calling itself a "Jennifer Connelly Voice Pack One". I've included the .UPL file with a portrait in the .UTX file of this character that can be used as a bot for Instant Action or Multiplayer games. It is not a full model, so the texture only shows a portrait. This voice pack contains foul language throughout, so there was no point in me marking any of the taunts. Samples: "Bullseye! ::giggles::" "I guess I figure there's more to you than you like to show." Contents: 16 Acknowledgments 4 Names (My Savior) 16 Friendly Fires 8 Orders 29 Other/Miscellaneous 48 Taunts




Jennifer Connelly Voice Pack v1.0

JenniferConnelly2K4VP1.zip | 12.51 MB

JENNIFER CONNELLY VOICE PACK FOR UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 Version: 1.0 Author: Tux Android E-Mail: axelong_varianteesperto@yahoo.com Release Date: March 31, 2011 Sound Clip Years: From 1984 to 2008 ======================================== ** INTRODUCTION ** The very first voice pack I created for Unreal Tournament 2004. This is an essential voice pack of a very captivating, beautiful talented film actress and former child model Jennifer Connelly. This voice pack gains the mostly complete of Acknowledgment, Friendly Fire and Taunt events. The sounds in this voice pack are made of transition from child star to adult actress that you may hear some bytes at her different age. The default Female Mercenary Voice is used in the areas in which this voice pack does not cover. I'm not just a huge Connelly fan, but almost frequently caught up in my sense of reality because she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. This voice pack contains some few amounts of strong language, so use some discretion. Samples: "Bullseye! ::giggles::" "I guess I figure there's more to you than you like to show." Contents: 16 Acknowledgments 16 Friendly Fires 4 Names [My Savior] 4 Orders 21 Other/Miscellaneous (plus 7 additional strings are made) 48 Taunts Some additional details are in HTML file format. ======================================== ** INSTALLATION ** 1. Put all files with the .INT, .U and .UPL extensions in the UT2004System directory. 2. Place the .UTX file in the UT2004Textures directory. 3. Run UT2004. 4. Under the Player or Bot voice drop-down menu select "Jennifer Connelly v1.0". If you're running a server and want to use this voice pack, you'll need to make the following changes: 1. Open the UT2004.INI file and place the following under the heading [Engine.GameEngine]: ServerPackages=JenniferConnellyVP1 2. Run the following command to rebuild your server's valid package list: UCC MASTERMD5 -c *.U ======================================== ** COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS ** This voice pack is made (for the first time) by Tux Android in 2011. Authors may use this voice pack as a base to build additional voice packs. You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this voice pack, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit permission. You MAY distribute this voice pack through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

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